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Germany Trip Planner
Tour builder for Germany. Build a trip yourself, or have experts plan it for you.
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Germany Trip Planner

Tour builder for Germany. Build a trip yourself, or have experts plan it for you.

Plan a Germany Trip in a Few Clicks
Using the Germany travel planner, Triptile™
Do you think that it’s impossible to fit attending Oktoberfest, trying the best Bavarian beer, visiting the breathtaking Neuschwanstein Castle, exploring the top Berlin attractions, as well as traveling to such charming German towns as Bamberg or Nuremberg all in one trip? With Triptile™, you can include anything you want on your itinerary and see the best of Germany just the way you'd like. Triptile is a unique Germany trip planner which was originally designed as a tool for travel experts, and now with its help, you can plan your perfect Germany vacation in as little as several clicks. Either you decide to create the program yourself using the professionally-assembled "building blocks" with top hotels, activities, and transportation, or choose one of our ready-made fully customizable packages, rest assured that Triptile offers only the best options from centrally located accommodation and rational time-saving connections to the most fascinating activities to provide you with the ultimate Germany travel experience.

Germany Trips

Germany trip packages and planning advice by travel experts

Are you planning a trip to Germany and wondering which itineraries to look at? We suggest checking out the top Germany trips below as they are created by travel experts and have been tried and tested by many travelers. These Germany trip packages feature top sights, guided programs, downtown hotels, and private transfers. You might even want to call them all-inclusive trips to Germany as the list of inclusions is lengthy. Get ready to explore the best of Germany with your choice of program, whether it's as short as a 7-day trip to Germany or a 2 week trip to Germany, Triptile's Germany trip planner will allow you to create an itinerary of dreams.

Highlights of Northern Germany

10 days|6 cities|Private tour template

German Christmas Market Adventure

7 days|2 cities|Private tour template

Essence of Germany

12 days|5 cities|Private tour template

Gems of Southern Germany

11 days|6 cities|Private tour template

Definitive Germany

12 days|5 cities|Private tour

France & Germany Getaway

7 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Jewish Heritage in Germany

8 days|3 cities|Private tour

Grand Tour of Germany & Switzerland

11 days|6 cities|Private tour template

Frequently Asked Questions about Germany
Find out all of the answers to your burning questions on traveling to Germany
What is the best month to go to Germany?
The best time to visit Germany is from May till September when the weather is nice and pleasant. However we shall admit that during Summertime you can see a lot of crowds and tourists, therefore we would recommend you to plan your trip in advance....
What is Germany best known for?
According to the many statistic data provided on Google, we've chosen the top 3 things that make Germany famous all over the world. 1. Oktoberfest This is one of the most famous beer festivals in Europe, happening end of September up to the beginning of Oktober. 2. Castles Feel the magic and visit castles in Germany, that are located all over the country and fulfilling now the function of the museums, restaurants, or hotels. One of the most famous castles is Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. 3. Cathedrals On the territory of Germany are located thousands of cathedrals and churches, that are a real masterpiece. Of the most famous Cathedral is in Cologne. It took almost 600 years to build it and now is one of the most famous places to visit....
How many days do you need to visit Germany?
It's never enough time in a beautiful country, isn't it? However, the most comfortable way to travel is while having from 8 to 12 days at your disposal. In this case, you can see all the essential highlights in a calm and relaxed way, meet new people, and enjoy the real local atmosphere....
Do Germans speak English?
This is very easy to travel to Germany and feel like at home because almost everyone can speak English. Usually, they start to learn English at the age of 5 and are always happy to practice their knowledge. Take a chance to talk to someone local in a small cafe or a park, we are sure you will be pleased with a nice conversation....
Is Germany friendly to tourists?
Germany is one of the best countries to travel to and stay in. The country doesn't depend on the tourist sector, therefore people are not forced to be friendly or artificial. You can be sure, all smiles and friendly approach you get is natural, and is special for you! ...

Planning a Perfect Trip to Germany

Providing radically better travel experiences is our core

Is Germany on your bucket list? With its enchanting nature of the Black Forest, jaw-dropping fairytale castles, majestic Gothic cathedrals, and cozy cobblestone streets this many-sided country awaits you! If you're wondering how to set up your getaway absolutely worry-free (instead of spending weeks to organize your trip), on Triptile™ you can easily plan your ideal Germany travel itinerary that'll consider all your preferences and wishes. With Triptile, it's easy to combine and match any available services which were created by professionals using their expert knowledge of the destination, as well as add your own ones, resulting in an absolutely unique route, customized just for you. Be it a weekend break in Bavaria with beer tastings or a 10-day-exploration of German castles, nothing is impossible with this journey planner to Germany! Choose from the best centrally located hotels, enjoy the carefully picked activities and excellent logistics to make your dream itinerary to Germany come true! And in case you would like us to help set up the program and send you a quote, feel free to reach out to our travel specialists for more information.

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Originally, Triptile was developed by Firebird Tours® as a tool for travel professionals so they could build custom multi-destination trips to anywhere in Europe. Today Triptile allows all users to connect any hubs in any European country and many countries around the world while providing you with recommendations for the best hotels, activities, and transportation to use during the trip. The best part, however, is that with Triptile you can plan your next vacation in a matter of minutes, not weeks. All of the travel inventory is supplied by Firebird Tours, one of the leading travel companies for Europe. Triptile is the perfect tool for you to plan a trip not only to European countries such as Italy, France and Spain but also outside of Europe to places in Scandinavia, Asia, Oceania, Alaska and virtually anywhere. You can use any of the services available on Triptile or add your own. You don’t have to make reservations with us but you can always ask our team for a quote. And if you do, rest assured you're in great hands. Ready to start building your trip?

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