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France Trip Planner

Tour builder for France. Build a trip yourself, or have experts plan it for you.

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France Trip Planner

Tour builder for France. Build a trip yourself, or have experts plan it for you.

Planning a Trip to France Easily
With the France itinerary planner by Triptile™
Being one of the most romantic countries in the world, France surely deserves a visit at least once. But with so much out there to discover from the lavender fields of Provence and the vineyards of Bordeaux to the Loire Valley sprinkled with chateaux and the chic of the French Riviera, planning your France itinerary may be tricky. Luckily, Triptile™ has got you covered, as building your worry-free and experience-filled vacation to France using a professional France travel planner saves a lot of time. Either you decide to put together your program from scratch or use a pre-assembled customizable package, be sure that the provided solutions offer only logical connections, top accommodation options, best available activities, and overall exceptional value for the money.

France Trips

France trip packages and planning advice by travel experts

Are you planning a trip to France and wondering which itineraries to look at? We suggest checking out the top France trips below as they are created by travel experts and have been tried and tested by many travelers. These France trip packages feature top sights, guided programs, downtown hotels and private transfers. You might even want to call them all-inclusive trips to France as the list of inclusions is lengthy. Get ready to explore the best of France with your choice of program, whether it's as short as a 7-day trip to France or a 2 week trip to France, Triptile's France trip planner will allow you to create an itinerary of dreams.

Best of France: Paris & Provence Private tour template

Best of France: Paris & Provence

10 days|2 cities|Private tour template

Gastronomic Adventure in France Private tour

Gastronomic Adventure in France

7 days|4 cities|Private tour

France & Germany Getaway Private tour template

France & Germany Getaway

7 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Heart of France Private tour template

Heart of France

8 days|1 cities|Private tour template

World War II: Battlefields of France and Belgium Private tour template

World War II: Battlefields of France and Belgium

10 days|7 cities|Private tour template

Frequently Asked Questions about France

Find out all of the answers to your burning questions on traveling in France

Where is the most beautiful countryside in France?

France is the country consisting out of breathtaking beauty, smells, and tastes. If you are looking for a unique experience and would like to enjoy the real French countryside, we definitely would recommend you to visit Loire Valley, Normandy, Dordogne, and Bordeaux. All of these stunning regions are rich for history, culinary masterpieces, and cultural heritage. Take a chance to visit one of them!

What famous tourist attraction is found in France?

According to research and statistics published on Google, we've prepared the list of top 5 world-famous attractions in France with the number of visitors in a year:

  1. The Louvre Museum (8.5 million visitors)
  2. The Eiffel Tower (6.2 million visitors)
  3. Palace of Versailles (6 million visitors)
  4. Mont Saint-Michel (2 million visitors)
  5. Provence (1.2 million visitors)

What is the best month to visit France?

France is a great destination in each of the seasons, however, there is a golded time when we would recommend you to travel: from April to the beginning of June, and from September to the beginning of November. Summertime is a great time to enjoy the country too, but we shall aware of crowds, hot weather, and price boom.

How many days do you need to visit France?

It depends on what kinds of places would you like to visit and what is your main interest on the trip. To let you fully enjoy the country and keep balanced your leisure and guiding time, we would suggest considering 8 - 12 days for your vacation.

What is the most eaten food in France?

France is the cradle of incredible taste mixes. Here you can find amazing dishes both at famous Michelin restaurants as well as in local homey places. Each region of France can boast with its specialty. You can find a crispy baguette, soft pastries, hundreds of cheese types. Closer to the Southern part seafood, soups and salads are top-notch and worth to taste.

Plan a Better France Journey

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France has long won over the hearts of globetrotters, as apart from boasting an exceptionally rich history, mouthwatering cuisine, and lush nature, the country offers numerous versatile corners to fit any traveler's sightseeing appetite. Endless vineyards of the Bordeaux wine region, the historical areas of Normandy, the luxurious chateaux of the Loire Valley, the Mediterranean vibe of the French Riviera - the list of best things to see in France is quite extensive. Craving to get the most of their getaway to France, travelers often come across the challenges of planning a trip and result in spending long hours or even weeks doing research and trying to book what's desired. And, fortunately, there is a way to make the process way easier. The online travel planner for France, Triptile™, offers an intuitive platform for putting together a France travel itinerary in minutes! The programs are fully customizable and provide the chance to use professionally tailored ready-made solutions with only time-saving connections between destinations, city-center hotels, and a broad selection of activities to add on to your agenda. In case you'd prefer our professional assistance in planning your tour to France, our travel experts will be more than glad to send you a quote and answer your questions!

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