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No one would doubt that a trip to Spain is always a great idea as its fiery temper and unique vibe have already won the hearts of millions of travelers from all over the world. However, a truly special Spain vacation needs careful planning, and we are glad to help you with this challenging yet exciting task by providing you with a top-notch tool. Using the journey planner for Spain, Triptile™, you can easily create your ideal itinerary as if with a wave of a magic wand, choosing the cities you like, adding the necessary transportation options, and spicing everything up with some authentic local activities. Rest assured, every building block you see on Triptile was assembled by travel experts, thus, you'll be selecting only city-center well-rated properties, as well as activities with the top local professionals. Only a few clicks and, ta-da, the Spain itinerary of your dreams is already waiting for you!

Spain Trips

Spain trip packages and planning advice by travel experts

Are you planning a trip to Spain and wondering which destinations to choose? Don't hesitate to check out the best Spain trips below that are created by travel specialists and already experienced by numerous travelers. These custom trips to beautiful Spain provide a great guided program, high-quality hotels, private transfers, and undoubtedly the must-see highlights in the cities. Take a chance to discover the best of Spain with your choice of private or small group tour program that takes a lovely week or an exciting 13-day trip to Spain. Enjoy Triptile's Spain trip planner that allows you to create your perfect itinerary!

Private tour to Barcelona and Northern Spain
Private tour to Barcelona and Northern Spain

13-day trip to Spain

Private tour to Southern Spain
Private tour to Southern Spain

8-day trip to Spain

Small group tour to Spain
Small group tour to Spain

10-day trip to Spain

Private tour to Spain
Private tour to Spain

8-day trip to Spain

Private tour to Spain
Private tour to Spain

8-day trip to Spain

Small group tour to Iberian Capitals
Small group tour to Iberian Capitals

9-day trip to Spain

Frequently Asked Questions about Spain

Find out all of the answers to your burning questions on traveling in Spain

What cities are a must see in Spain?

Spain offers an excellent variety of amazing sights, but we recommend starting from the most popular cities. The top 10 must-visit cities in Spain are mostly located in the Southern part of the country; however, the Northern side has plenty of treasures to explore too.

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Seville
  • Granada
  • Cordoba
  • Valencia
  • Malaga
  • Toledo
  • Bilbao
  • San Sebastian

What is the number one tourist attraction in Spain?

According to Google reviews, the most popular sight in Spain is La Sagrada Familia, the famous Catholic basilica situated in the heart of Catalonia – Barcelona, which also houses 4 other top attractions of Spain, others being situated in Madrid, Seville and Granada.

  1. La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (Google reviews: 151’690)
  2. Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona (Google reviews: 121’869)
  3. Park Güell, Barcelona (Google reviews: 121’359)
  4. Plaza Mayor, Madrid (Google reviews: 113’288)
  5. Alhambra, Granada (Google reviews: 76’651)
  6. Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid (Google reviews: 74’570)
  7. Casa Batlló, Barcelona (Google reviews: 73’761)
  8. Casa Milà, Barcelona (Google reviews: 57’676)
  9. Royal Alcázar of Seville, Seville (Google reviews: 45’238)
  10. Royal Palace of Madrid, Madrid (Google reviews: 45’105)

What is the cheapest month to fly to Spain?

The cheapest time to travel to Spain is usually in the off-season autumn and winter months, typically between November and March. And the most budget-friendly month to visit Spain is in January. However, travelers should be aware that the weather in Spain is mild with occasional rainfall and cold winds during winter, which might not be the perfect setting for spending time at the beach or other similar activities.

How many days should you spend in Spain?

With its diverse, exciting sights and regions, be it the rural and prosperous north or the scorching hospitable south, the length of your stay in Spain depends on the trip's scope and scale. A visit to Madrid and Barcelona, two of the biggest and most important cities in Spain, would require around a week. While a trip encompassing both the northern and southern parts of the country, or an extended stay in one or both areas would take approximately two weeks.

Can I drive in Spain with US license?

US citizens visiting Spain must obtain an international driving permit (IDP) prior to their arrival to Spain. When driving, the permit must be carried along with the driver’s license.

Planning a Perfect Trip to Spain

Providing radically better travel experiences is our core

Spain magnets travelers from all around the globe, and we totally share your enchantment by this colorful European destination! Also, we understand how much effort it can take to create the ideal Spain itinerary and how many things you should envisage. From our side, we are glad to give you a hand with the entire planning process introducing you to Triptile™ - a real recipe book of stunning Spain vacation ideas! Using only the best ingredients like fascinating cities, inspiring landmarks, top things to do in Spain via authentic activities, as well as smart and fast transportation options, you are free to “cook” your perfect Spain journey online just to your taste in a matter of a few minutes (even faster than making paella). The greatest thing is that all programs seen on Triptile are fully customizable, meaning that you can invent your own recipes and add everything you want, regardless of the complexity of the route, the multiple connections, and the duration of the planned journey, all for a fair price. In case you still feel overwhelmed and need a bit of professional travel advice, feel free to request a quote, and our experienced travel “chefs” will be glad to provide you with all necessary information about Spain travel and even send you a quote.

What Triptile Does?

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