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Cordoba Trip Planner

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Cordoba Trip Planner

Cordoba Guided Walking Tour
Cordoba Guided Walking Tour...
Bodegas Mezquita Restaurant
Bodegas Mezquita Restaurant...
Trip to Antequera & Alhambra of Granada
Trip to Antequera & Alhambra of Granada...
Alhambra of Granada
Alhambra of Granada...
The Muslim Side of Spain
The Muslim Side of Spain...
Olive Oil Mill
Olive Oil Mill...
Gastronomy Walking Tour
Gastronomy Walking Tour...
Cooking Class and Market Tour
Cooking Class and Market Tour...
Flavourful Experience in Cordoba
Flavourful Experience in Cordoba...
Game of Thrones Tour in Córdoba
Game of Thrones Tour in Córdoba...
Alhambra of Granada by Trains
Alhambra of Granada by Trains...
Tour of Alhambra and Granada Center with Lunch
Tour of Alhambra and Granada Center with Lunch...

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Once the heart of Medieval Europe, sun-kissed Cordoba is among the truly marvelous destinations in Southern Spain. Often overlooked in favor of its more famous neighbors, such as Granada or Seville, charming yellow-bricked Cordoba deserves a place on your bucket list just as much as the entire region does. Judge for yourself! For quite a while the city was the largest in the world. Cordoba is home to the biggest mosque on the planet, the magnificent La Mezquita. It is the only city that can boast four world heritage sites, including the Historic City Center, Cordoba Patios, and the Palace Town of Medina Azahara. There is even a belief that the most stunning Spanish women come from Cordoba! This list can go on and on, but you can already see that this Andalucian city is more than worth your attention. And spending an evening in one of Cordoba’s cafes with a glass of exquisite local wine and a plate of mouthwatering Flamenquin is a sure way to leave your heart in wondrous Spain.

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Become inspired to travel to Cordoba with our expert-made itineraries to Spain that include an exploration of this spectacular destination. Inside a ready-made tour, you will have not only the best transfers and hotels but also hands-on activities and sightseeing tours with charming local guides. However, if you don't see an option below that you like, don't worry - you can easily design a Cordoba itinerary with Triptile. Start planning your trip to Cordoba today and discover the best of the city on your own terms!

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