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A simple Australia & New Zealand itinerary planner
Whether it's the Kangaroo motherland Australia or the Māori culture hub - New Zealand, we are confident that you are about to have an adventure of your life. Traveling to these destinations will fill you up with Vitamin D and a new-found affection for wildlife and nature. In addition to inspiring animal life, and gorgeous blue oceans, prepare to be astonished by the urban city life of Australia. Each city is meticulously planned and designed to blend nature in with the bustling life of the citizens. Choose from countless excellent eateries, visit fascinating museums, and rent a bike to appreciate city life even more. By the way, did you hear that Australian cuisine has really put the country on the foodies' travel map? When you are here, make sure to taste the national roast Lamb. Once full with the Australian way of life, why not make your way south-east, to enjoy the action-packed or easy-paced second part of your trip in New Zealand?

How to Plan a Trip to Australia & New Zealand?

Jaw-dropping landscapes, incredible wildlife, and action-packed travel await you here.

New Zealand
New Zealand
Cities to visit
No trip to Australia or New Zealand can be complete without a thorough capital city tour.
Cultural activities
Hikes, day-trips to National Parks, sandy beaches, prepare to indulge the best of local culture.
New Zealand
New Zealand
Unique templates
Save time even further, and select from templates made for you by the best travel specialists.

How Does Triptile Work?

Triptile allows you to build complex multi-destination itineraries in several minutes

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Select all the destinations you would like to visit. You can choose anything.
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Choose the start date of your trip and enter how many travelers are going.
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Change hotels, include (or exclude) activities, play around with the trip duration.
Trip is ready in under 5 min
Voilà! Your multi-city itinerary is ready in a matter of minutes. Now share it with friends!

Plan a Better Journey to Australia & New Zealand

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Are you swaying towards Oceania for your next trip abroad? It's always a great idea to start planning your vacation in advance, so you are well prepared to explore your chosen country when the time comes. To help you plan for the trip, we would like to encourage you to try out our tour builder tool - Triptile. With the help of Triptile, you can design a complicated journey in a matter of minutes. You will not only save your time but skip the struggle of picking out activities, local guides, and transfers altogether. The expert travel specialists have carefully selected everything you find here, so rest assured knowing that you're choosing from the shortlist of the best travel suppliers in Australia or New Zealand. Another great reason to start planning your trip on Triptile is the free travel assistance that comes with it. Once you save your draft itinerary, our travel specialists will be in touch to advise you on your trip and tailor it to your preferences. Are you ready to start crafting your itinerary? If not, you can always go for the ready-made templates.

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Originally, Triptile was developed by Firebird Tours® as a tool for travel professionals so they could build custom multi-destination trips to Italy or anywhere else in Europe for their clients. Today Triptile allows you to connect any hubs in any European country and a big part of Asia as well as provides recommendations for the best hotels, activities, and transportation to use during the trip. The best part, however, is that with Triptile you can plan your next vacation in a matter of minutes, not weeks. All of the travel inventory is supplied by Firebird Tours, one of the leading travel companies for Eurasia. Since recently, Triptile has opened up its service to users like you who want to plan a trip to France, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, and virtually anywhere in Europe or Asia. You can use any of the services available on Triptile or add your own. You don’t have to make reservations with us but you can always ask our team for a quote. And if you do, rest assured you're in great hands. Ready to start building your trip?