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Stunning landscape, thought-provoking culture, unforgettable experiences await you on a single trip to China. Get ready to dive deep into a real exploration of this Asian gem, promising you jaw-dropping vistas, towering sea cliffs, spectacular temples, and distinctive local flavors. Use our trip planner to plan and anticipate a trip that you will treasure for years to come. We can guarantee that you will enjoy every bit of it - from the moment you start picking your destinations on Triptile to the very second you board your long-awaited flight. With years of experience in the travel industry under our belt, we are here to execute your vacation plans to the highest standard. Don't know where to start? Don't worry, browse our ready-made itineraries, or play around with our tour builder. Discover China with Triptile.

China Trips

China trip packages and planning advice by travel experts

Are you looking forward to starting planning your memorable China vacation? Good news, you can start realizing your dream right now! Created by experienced travel specialists, these vacation trips to China have compiled everything that this stunning region has to offer. Apart from the impressive list of attractions covered by guided sightseeing tours, all China travel packages come with private transfers, top-notch accommodation, and various activities to spice up your journey. Eager to extend your itinerary and add a new destination? Using Triptile's China trip planner, you can create your dream route in a few clicks!

The Golden Ring of China
The Golden Ring of China

10-day trip to China

Private tour to Beijing and Xian
Private tour to Beijing and Xian

6-day trip to China

Privat tour to China
Privat tour to China

8-day trip to China

Small Group tour from St Petersburg to Beijing
Small Group tour from St Petersburg to Beijing

20-day trip to Asia

Private Trans-Siberian tour
Private Trans-Siberian tour

23-day trip to Asia

Small group Trans-Siberian tour
Small group Trans-Siberian tour

17-day trip to Asia

Frequently Asked Questions about China

Find out all of the answers to your burning questions on traveling in China

What is best currency to take to China?

The country's official currency is known as the Chinese Yuan (CNY), which comes in denominations of 1,5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. If you are planning to exchange cash for Yuan instead of withdrawing it or paying with a card directly, think about opting for US Dollars since it's a worldwide accepted currency that is commonly used by Chinese banks for exchange transactions.

How much cash should I take to China?

Since cards are commonly accepted in China popular tourist destinations, we recommend bringing cash only for your immediate needs during the first days of your trip. If needed, you can easily withdraw some money from one of the nearest ATMs, which usually turns out cheaper than exchanging money in your home country in advance. Please keep in mind that guests of the country aren't allowed to bring more than 5000 USD (CNY 200 000) without a declaration.

What is the best time to visit China?

To travel miraculous China in the most comfortable weather conditions and avoid large crowds of tourists, think about visiting country in spring or autumn. Covering the topic of China winter travel, Chinese New Year traditions are indeed famous worldwide, but please keep in mind that during holiday season transport networks are often overloaded.

What are the best places to visit in China?

  1. Beijing
  2. Xi'an
  3. Shanghai
  4. Chengdu
  5. Zhangjiajie
  6. Huangshan
  7. Guilin
  8. Yunnan
  9. Tibet
  10. Xiamen

Is the Great Wall of China only in China?

The legendary Great Wall of China is mainly located in the northern part of the country and is divided in four sections. You can visit the most preserved part of the wall that dates back to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in Beijing.

Plan a Better Journey to China

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If you are on this page, that means you are considering traveling to China or combine more magnificent destinations in a single vacation. We are delighted that you have come across our tour builder tool, which, in our humble opinion, is close to being the perfect solution for all DIY travelers looking to save time on the lengthy research. Please don't take us the wrong way. We are not saying you should skip the destination research altogether. It's always important to do your homework.

However, if you plan with us, you can stay assured that we have done the homework for you. We have researched hotels, guides, connections, and the best cultural experiences for your trip. Moreover, it is all at your fingertips now, so all you have to do is pick out what you like the most and start anticipating your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Besides, if you seriously lack time, just choose one of our ready-made templates and be confident your trip will still be amazing.

How Does Triptile Work?

Triptile allows you to build complex multi-destination itineraries in several minutes

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How to Plan a Trip to China Easily?

Wish to immerse yourself in picture-perfect sceneries and one-of-a-kind culture? Add China to your travel agenda

City scape, China
City scape, China
Cities to visit
You can build a tour to multiple destinations. We recommend to always include the capital and other cities like Shenzhen or Shanghai if your trip is longer.
Cultural activities
Expect nothing short of amazing activities in China. Breathtaking day trips, local gastronomic experiences, and guided city tours are all in the plans!
Unique templates
You can always assemble an itinerary from scratch in-line with how you envision your trip to China, or leave it up to the experts and choose one of a few ready-made templates.