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How to add a hotel?
If you don't see a hotel that you need, you can add your own. Here's how...
You do not need to worry about selecting the best hotels in your destination since we have already done the hard work for you. Triptile calculates and provides an accommodation option in each selected destination by default.

You can also choose another option from the recommendation list. We offer different types of hotels on Triptile 3,4 and 5 stars.
To see all available hotels, press 'change hotel.'

If you select a hotel, you can choose a room that suits your preferences. On the selected hotel, click 'Edit room'.

It is possible to change the number of rooms or simply select the one that is most suitable for you.

If none of the options we offer suits you, we allow you to choose and add your selection.

To add your accommodation, press 'change hotel,' then find 'add your own button' and fill out the form.
How to add an experience?
You are in control of your trip inclusions, add as many or as few activities as you need...
Triptile allows you to be in control of what's included in your trip. For example, if you want to customize your touring program, click "+ Add activities", find experiences you like, and click on prices.

Typically we offer different options for every experience (only entrance tickets, tickets + guide, tickets + guide + transfers). However, we don't have the opportunity to add transfers for some experiences. Therefore, you can leave your wishes in notes, and our team of destination experts will consider this request, and we'll arrange the transfer for you.


After you book your tour, our team of destination experts will carefully study your tour and prepare a detailed schedule for your program. Afterward, we will send you the final itinerary, which you can see in the schedule section.
How to add/change transfers or connections?
If you're visiting more than one city you will definitely need connection or even transfers...

What are the transfers?

You can book a transfer on arrival/departure from the hotel to the airport and back. A private transfer includes a quality car with a driver who will meet you at the train station and take you to your hotel or other destination.

Types of transfers

We have different types of transfers on Triptile:
  • Private transfer sedan - designed for two travelers;
  • Private transfer minivan - provides from 3 to 14.
The price for transfers is calculated depending on the number of people.

How to add a transfer to my itinerary

To add transfer open your itinerary, and find the arrival/departure transfer.
And then press "Edit transfer" and you will see all available transfers, press "Add".

What are the connections?

Connections are transportation options that link different cities and are included in the itinerary by default. When you build a program, we suggest the best options for you and include the selected option in the total price.

We have an extensive database for the best train connections and, whenever available, we will recommend high-speed trains. When such is not available, we will recommend flights or a car with a private driver.

If you prefer not to choose one of our transportation options, you can always add your own using the three-dotted menu in the connections block. In this case, your transportation cost will not be included in the total price.

We will give you the choice of time of the day for travel when we finalize all arrangements for your trip. A dedicated trip coordinator will contact you and offer available options.

How to edit your itinerary using "Map view"?
We hope you find our map editor useful for planning your route...
To rearrange the sequence of the countries, click on the 'Map view' (in previous versions 'map editor') button.

Then you need to hold onto the hub image and pull the hub into the right place.

To add hub:
Use the search bar on the right side of the 'map view'
Enter the hub name in the search bar and press the hub name in the list.

To remove hub:
You can also remove hubs from your itinerary. To do this press on three dots near the hub you want to delete and choose 'remove city'

How to see the price breakdown?
In the map editor, you can see a list of services added to each hub and their prices. To see the Price Breakdown change the main view to Expanded:

Remember that you need to press the "Save" button to save changes in your itinerary!
How to add custom services?
If you don't see the right hotel, activity, connection, or transfer on Triptile - add your custom service...
You can add your own services using the Triptile. When you create your own experience it will be available only in this itinerary and when you unselect such experience (transfer etc.), it will disappear. By default, we do not book them, but you can leave notes in your itinerary and we can check availability for your dates, and provide you with a quote.

Hotels -

Step 1

To add your own hotel, click "Change hotel" in your itinerary.

Step 2

Click the "+ add your own" button.

Step 3

Fill out the form and click "Publish".


To add your own experience, click "Add an activity" in your itinerary and click "Add your own". Next, fill out the form and press "Publish". When you add your own experience you set a price, so it automatically adds to the full amount.


To add your own transfer, press "Edit transfer" and click "Add your own". Next, fill out the form and press "Publish".


To add your own connection, press "Edit connection" and click "Add your own". Next, fill out the form and press "Publish".