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Half Day Guided City Tour
Half Day Guided City Tour...
Traces of the Second World War in Rouen
Traces of the Second World War in Rouen...

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The charming capital of the Normandy region in France, Rouen, is a mix of the old and the new. Among the most important sights to see in this city set on the banks of the Seine River are firstly the striking Rouen Notre-Dame Cathedral and the historic Church of St. Ouen. The atmospheric old town of Rouen lined with timber-framed houses also boasts many attractions, including the popular Gros-Horloge astronomical clock, dating back to the 14th century.

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Are you dreaming about the beautiful French city Rouen? If assembling a trip to Rouen by yourself sounds too difficult, don't hesitate to browse our tour collection to Rouen and choose your preferred itinerary. Our tours to Rouen provide rich sightseeing, exciting activities, hand-picked hotels, and convenient logistics. Whichever dream trip you have in your mind with Rouen Triptile Planner, you can make it happen!

World War II: Battlefields of France and Belgium Private tour template

World War II: Battlefields of France and Belgium

10 days|7 cities|Private tour template

Paris & Normandy Region (Bayeux, Rouen) Private tour template

Paris & Normandy Region (Bayeux, Rouen)

11 days|5 cities|Private tour template

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