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Perpignan is an excellent example of a city located on the border of countries and cultures. For many centuries, a wonderful small town has absorbed the spirit of Catalonia, Spain, and France and retains them to this day. The Mediterranean coast is only about 15 kilometers away from here and 30 from the Spanish border. Perpignan is located in a picturesque fertile valley with a magnificent climate, ideal for winemaking, that's why one of the main souvenirs of this charming French town is a bottle of fine local wine from the ancient cool cellars.

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Do you want to be in two countries at the same time? Then you should pay attention to the small town of Perpignan, located in the south of France, near the Spanish border. Here you can feel the diversity and mixing of traditions literally every step, which gives this beautiful city an indescribable charm. To create a perfect itinerary in southern France, use our Triptile trip planner, and start packing your bags. An unforgettable adventure to France is waiting for you!

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