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Paris Trip Planner
A collection of comprehensive tours and exceptional experiences to add to your Paris itinerary. Ready to visit the City of Love? Start planning now!

Paris Trip Planner

A collection of comprehensive tours and exceptional experiences to add to your Paris itinerary. Ready to visit the City of Love? Start planning now!

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The dream city, the world capital of romance, the instantly recognized French classic, the destination that's "always a good idea" - the list of epithets to inimitable Paris is simply everlasting! When referring to town, the imagination instantly draws the graceful silhouette of the Eiffel Tower majestically dominating the Champ de Mars, monument-lined boulevards with croissant-scented bistros, and adorable tour boats peacefully floating down the Seine. Paris is all about the good old classics like the majestic Notre Dame, about the iconic architecture of the Palace of Versailles, about chic boutiques, tastefully decorated homes, and, of course, the haute French cuisine and top-class Michelin-starred restaurants. Plus, Paris has been home and an infinite source of inspiration for hundreds of artists, creators, and philosophers who've set their hearts on the Montmartre district and turned the city into one of the planet's greatest art repositories, topped by the incomparable Louvre. We bet you have at least once dreamt to immerse in the exceptional atmosphere of sparkling Paris and to learn the art of living a-la French, haven't you?

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Dreaming of visiting Paris? It has become one of the most popular European destinations for a reason, with exceptional activities and sights awaiting you on its every corner. It might not be easy to plan a trip to France with unlimited experiences and a limited amount of time; however, there are surely tours that allow you to make the most of your time in the French capital, depending on your preferences. Whether it's museums, history, gastronomy, gems off the beaten path, or authentic activities you seek while traveling, you can use the Paris journey planner and set off on the tour of your dreams.

Best of France: Paris & Provence

10 days|2 cities|Private tour template

Paris, Loire Valley & Bordeaux

10 days|4 cities|Private tour template

France & Germany Getaway

7 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Opera Houses of London, Paris & Milan

9 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Heart of France

8 days|1 cities|Private tour template

World War II: Battlefields of France and Belgium

10 days|7 cities|Private tour template

Normandy Discovery

9 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Things to see in Paris

Touring the French capital can be overwhelming as every street looks like a site worth stopping by; however, you should definitely set aside some time to for the main Paris attractions while exploring the City of Love. Here are some of the most popular places to visit in Paris:

Build Multi Destination Trips from Paris

Wondering about how to plan a trip to Paris? Our tour builder allows you to plan a custom itinerary depending on your preferences, so you can travel to wherever whenever you want! After soaking up the magical ambiance of Paris, continue your adventure elsewhere by extending your tour to other cities, regions, or maybe even neighboring countries! Here are some great ideas for places to visit once Paris is crossed off the list.

Nice, French Riviera
Nice, French Riviera
A sunny destination on the postcard-like French Riviera.
Lyon, France
Lyon, France
One of the must-visit cities in France, boasting unparalleled charm and postcard-like sights.
Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
A major hub of neighboring Switzerland, boasting spectacular views wherever you look.

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F.A.Q about Paris Travel
Planning your first time trip to Paris? Here's what you might need to know:
Is traveling in Paris safe?
Even though Paris is considered to be safe for visitors, you should always stay alert as pickpocketers never sleep in destinations as such. Some areas of the city are less safe than the others, especially at night; therefore, it is best to do your research of places to avoid beforehand....
When should I travel to Paris?
The best time for visiting Paris depends on your preferred weather, activities, price-range, etc. The summer season usually ensures nice, sunny weather; however, bigger crowds of visitors and higher prices as well. Traveling in spring or fall is always a good idea, as the prices are usually lower, yet so is the temperature. Despite the less fascinating weather, wintertime is an amazing time for those who enjoy strolling around the festive city streets and visiting charming Christmas markets....
Do people speak English in Paris?
Yes, a lot of people in Paris do speak English. Some might find it a bit more difficult; however, they are usually willing to help so if you ask for directions or information, you can show appreciation with a 'merci' at the end of the conversation....
How much do you tip in Paris?
The service fee is usually included in the bill; however, if you've enjoyed the service, you are welcome to tip however much you feel like, as it is optional yet appreciated....
What is the best month to visit Paris?
The best month for visiting Paris is arguably May or September. It provides nice weather and is less crowded compared to the peak season in the summertime....