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Planning a Trip to Croatia Easily
With the Croatia trip planner, Triptile™
If you are in for a sunny adventure, look no further than marvelous Croatia. Offering breathtaking coastal views, turquoise waters, and Mediterranean culture, Croatia is trending among European destinations. Travel to the fabulous spot between the Balkans and central Europe and explore its varied heritage and impressive architectural marvels. Once you are here, don't pass on the active way of exploring the country! Spend a day hiking in the Plitvice Lakes National Park or dive at the Blue Lagoon and witness the Stations of the Cross statues located underwater. Whichever way you opt to travel in Croatia, make sure you have a trusted tour operator by your side and build your trip using Triptile.

Why Go to Croatia?

Sandy never-ending coasts, historic monuments and beautiful waters are all legitimate reasons to include Croatia in your bucket list.

Build a trip in Croatia
Build a trip in Croatia
Cities to visit
Nature is always the real selling point when it comes to Croatia, but opt for a well-rounded experience and include a couple of cities in your itinerary too.
Build a trip in Croatia
Build a trip in Croatia
Cultural activities
Hiking in breathtaking national parks, diving in the Blue Lagoon, watching the breathtaking sunset and spending the day on the beach. There's plenty to do in Croatia!
Build a trip in Croatia
Build a trip in Croatia
Croatia templates
Build a trip of your dreams or choose one of the ready-made travel templates and discover the best of Croatia with downtown hotels and tried-and-tested logistics.

How Does Triptile Work?

Triptile allows you to build complex multi-destination itineraries in several minutes

Select cities in 1 min
Select all the destinations you would like to visit. You can choose anything.
Add dates in 30 sec
Choose the start date of your trip and enter how many travelers are going.
Customize trip in 3 min
Change hotels, include (or exclude) activities, play around with the trip duration.
Trip is ready in under 5 min
Voilà! Your multi-city itinerary is ready in a matter of minutes. Now share it with friends!

Plan a Better Journey to Croatia

Providing radically better travel experiences is our core

Croatia is drop-dead kind of beautiful, and those who want to escape the crowds of tourists and yet experience the best of Mediterranean should swap Italy for this little gem. However, when it comes to planning your trip, it can get a bit challenging. Besides choosing the right time for your journey, you should also consider where you would like to stay, what you would like to see, and how you will get from one point to another. Planning your trip to Croatia can get a bit overwhelming. Hence, choose a tour builder designed by travel experts in Europe who know what works and what doesn't. Using Triptile, you won't waste time on endless hotel options scrolling or figuring out the local transportation system. Your options are already shortlisted to showcase only the best selection for your trip, including activities, accommodation, and even transfers. Therefore you will spend less time planning your trip and more time anticipating it! If you are ready to jump-start travel planning, choose a starting point of your journey, and every other aspect of your itinerary will fall into its place. However, if you lack inspiration, head to our templates and get yourself a ready-made tour that is not going to disappoint. We promise, you are about to go on a Croatian trip you won't forget.

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Originally, Triptile was developed by Firebird Tours® as a tool for travel professionals so they could build custom multi-destination trips to Italy or anywhere else in Europe for their clients. Today Triptile allows you to connect any hubs in any European country and provides recommendations for the best hotels, activities, and transportation to use during the trip. The best part, however, is that with Triptile you can plan your next vacation in a matter of minutes, not weeks. All of the travel inventory is supplied by Firebird Tours, one of the leading travel companies for Europe. Since recently, Triptile is also available for all users who want to plan a trip to Portugal, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, and virtually anywhere in Europe. You can use any of the services available on Triptile or add your own. You don’t have to make reservations with us but you can always ask our team for a quote. And if you do, rest assured you're in great hands. Ready to start building your trip?