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Baden-Baden Trip Planner

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Baden-Baden Trip Planner

Half Day Guided City Tour
Half Day Guided City Tour...
Visit to the Roman Bath Ruins
Visit to the Roman Bath Ruins...
Entrance ticket to Friedrichsbad
Entrance ticket to Friedrichsbad...
Backstage Tour of Baden-Baden Theatre
Backstage Tour of Baden-Baden Theatre...

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For a slice of German luxury, Baden-Baden is a must-visit destination. This unique city close to the Black Forest is best-known for its thermal springs and spas which are considered to have rejuvenating properties. Some thermal baths in this town are over 2 thousand years old and date back to Roman times. What is more, Baden-Baden offers unique locations for quality sightseeing.

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Have you ever heard of Baden-Baden? A warm climate and hot springs make Baden-Baden one of the world's best-known spa towns and a popular tourist destination in Germany. However, if preparing an itinerary or trying to plan the perfect vacation is not something you intend to do, choose one of our Baden-Baden tours and have a worry-free trip! Each program includes the best hotel accommodations, transfers for arrivals/departures, and fantastic sightseeing tours with licensed guides.

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