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Frankfurt Trip Planner
Frankfurt's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a perfect trip to Frankfurt.
Half Day Walking City Tour
Half Day Walking City Tour...
Frankfurt Modern Life & Skyscrapers
Frankfurt Modern Life & Skyscrapers...
Half Day Trip to Darmstadt
Half Day Trip to Darmstadt...
Day Tour to Mainz & Wiesbaden
Day Tour to Mainz & Wiesbaden...
Apple Wine Walking Tour
Apple Wine Walking Tour...
Mainz Top Sights
Mainz Top Sights...
Romerberg - Old Town
Romerberg - Old Town...
Stadel Museum
Stadel Museum...
Senckenberg Natural History Museum
Senckenberg Natural History Museum...
Frankfurter Dom
Frankfurter Dom...
Goethe House
Goethe House...

Frankfurt Trip Planner

Frankfurt's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a perfect trip to Frankfurt.

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Vibrant Frankfurt is located on the River Main, in the central part of the country. The city is often referred to as German New York as Frankfurt is dominated by huge skyscrapers, business centers, and other ultramodern buildings. If you want to see what Frankfurt was like several centuries ago, you should head to Romerberg Square. The main highlight of the square is the Town Hall, Romer, which is located opposite the Old St. Nicholas church and has served as the symbol of Frankfurt for 600 years.

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Thinking of visiting Frankfurt? Try building your fascinating trip to Frankfurt using our innovative trip planner Triptile. It will help you to make your own Frankfurt trip the way you like by adding exciting activities, the best hotel, and transfer options to help you get by in the city. And in case you are wondering where to go during your trip to Frankfurt, we recommend you visit the Römerberg, located in the heart of Frankfurt's Old Town, the Palm Garden, the largest botanic garden in Germany, and the Senckenberg Natural History Museum. As you see, Frankfurt has so much to offer to you, therefore don't wait too long and start planning your Frankfurt itinerary today.

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