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Scotland Trip Planner

Tour builder for Scotland. Build a trip yourself, or have experts plan it for you.

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Scotland Trip Planner

Tour builder for Scotland. Build a trip yourself, or have experts plan it for you.

Plan Your Scotland Trip Simply
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Scotland vacations are becoming more and more popular of recent, and people from all over the world come to this beautiful country in the UK, drawn by its long and complicated history, unique culture, and rich traditions. There's no denying that untamed Scotland has so much to offer, thus, planning a perfect vacation can be a tricky task. If you can’t choose between touring the ancient Scottish castles, hiking near scenic Fort William, or looking for the notorious Nessie in the breathtaking Loch Ness, Triptile™ is exactly what you need. This intuitive tool allows you to plan the Scotland tour of your dreams in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter if you decide to put together a tour program on your own or use one of the pre-assembled customizable packages, rest assured that Triptile offers only time-saving connections, top-notch hotels, and the most interesting activities.

Scotland Trips

Scotland trip packages and planning advice by travel experts

Are you planning a trip to Scotland? Well, that's great! It is a wonderful destination, where nature meets the Scottish charm. An absolute must-visit for all wanderlusters. However, if you haven't chosen an itinerary yet, we suggest to plan your trip to Scotland with the help of Triptile and the destination specialists behind it. If Scotland trip cost is not a concern for you, you can go all out and choose a ready-made template that would make traveling here pleasant and comfortable. Our tours feature so many inclusions that could arguably be referred to as all-inclusive trips to Scotland. Browse them below!

Scotland Discovery Private tour template

Scotland Discovery

9 days|6 cities|Private tour template

Essence of England & Scotland Private tour template

Essence of England & Scotland

8 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Scotland Outlander Tour Private tour template

Scotland Outlander Tour

7 days|4 cities|Private tour template

Scotland Whiskey Discovery Private tour template

Scotland Whiskey Discovery

9 days|5 cities|Private tour template

Scotland in a Nutshell Private tour template

Scotland in a Nutshell

7 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Frequently Asked Questions about Scotland
Find out all of the answers to your burning questions on traveling Scotland
What is the best time to go to Scotland?
What season or month you choose for your trip is completely up to you, but we believe that traveling in the warmer months is the best way to explore Scotland. Summer is the time when Scotland is the warmest, however, you shouldn't expect the heat of the Mediterranean and prepare for rainy weather too. Temperatures in June-August on average just tilt over 15°C (59°F). The fall season is usually very rainy, thus if you plan your visit around October or November, make sure to pack water-resisting outerwear. ...
Where is the most beautiful place in Scotland?
Mainland Scotland encompasses an enormous count of astonishing natural attractions as well as a few incredibly charming cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. However, the real beauty lies one flight or a boat trip away, in the islands. Scottish islands are one of the most favored destinations of the region, with jaw-dropping coastlines, majestic sceneries with hills, and waterfalls scattered across. One of the most popular breathtaking locations in Scotland is the Isle of Skye. Make sure to add it to your Scottish itinerary if you enjoy spending quality time in nature....
What is traditional food in Scotland?
Like pizza in Italy, Scotland also has its signature dish. No trip here could be complete without a taste of the national dish of Haggis. You might wonder what it is made of? Well, to put it simply it's this kind of savory meat pudding that was made from sheep's pluck - heart, liver, and lungs, and minced with onion, spices, and oatmeal. If that doesn't tempt you to try it yet, you should know it comes with whiskey sauce, turnips, and potatoes. Buon Appetit!...
What currency do I need in Scotland?
Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom, so the currency is the same as in the whole United Kingdom - pound sterlings. However, you might notice that Scotland has its own version of the banknotes, with different symbolics and colors - they are called Scottish notes and are widely accepted across the country too....
How many days do you need to visit Scotland?
A comprehensive tour to Scotland is usually 7-10 days long. Keep in mind, that if you're planning to explore the gorgeous islands of Scotland, you might need to have a few spare days for the logistics of it. However, if mainland Scotland is where you're aiming to spend the majority of your trip then 10 days is an ideal duration of your Scottish itinerary....

Plan a Better Journey to Scotland

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There are a lot of reasons to add amazing Scotland to your bucket list. The motherland of whiskey, home to the famous Loch Ness lake and monster, a place to look for the Glenfinnan Viaduct (everyone's favorite “Harry Potter train bridge”), the breathtaking settings for the award-winning “Outlander” TV show, and a land, boasting hundreds of ancient castles, priding itself in some of the most spectacular views in the world. Breathtaking Scotland welcomes thousands of people every year, wanting to explore what the country has to offer. But having so many activities to choose from and connections to think through, planning a perfect vacation can take ages. Luckily, the online travel planner for Scotland, Triptile™ has got you covered. Using this intuitive tool, you can plan the getaway of your dreams in a matter of several clicks. No need to puzzle over where to stay or struggle trying to fit all you want to do during your holiday in one trip, Triptile will think of everything for you. Whether you choose to build a tour program from scratch or prefer to use one of the fully customizable ready-made programs, you can be sure that this time-saving tool provides only logical connections, city-center accommodation options, and a list of the most interesting activities to brighten up your trip with. If you would like to hear our professional advice about your Scotland tour or need some help with planning your vacation, our travel experts will be more than happy to send you a quote and answer all the questions you might have.

Scotland Travel Ideas

Discover top attractions, things to do and best places to visit in Scotland, by checking out our Triptile Blog

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