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Kinsale Trip Planner

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Kinsale Trip Planner

James Fort
James Fort...
St. Multose House
St. Multose House...
The Black's Brewery and Distillery
The Black's Brewery and Distillery...
Charles Fort
Charles Fort...
Kinsale Town Center
Kinsale Town Center...
Old Head of Kinsale Loop
Old Head of Kinsale Loop...
Bastion Restaurant (Michelin Experience)
Bastion Restaurant (Michelin Experience)...
Kinsale Pottery and Arts Centre
Kinsale Pottery and Arts Centre...
Garrylucas Beach
Garrylucas Beach...
Fishy Fishy Restaurant
Fishy Fishy Restaurant...
Guided Evening Bar Crawl
Guided Evening Bar Crawl...
Private Walking Tour
Private Walking Tour...

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Situated in Southern Ireland, Kinsale is one of the most popular fishing towns in the country. The city offers beautiful views such as full of the yacht harbor, narrow streets, and colorful houses. Also, every season, numerous tourists are attracted by some activities, including yachting, golf, and sea angling. Furthermore, Kinsale is known for its local cuisine, and there is an annual “Gourmet Festival” where tourists can enjoy numerous dishes.

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