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Manchester Trip Planner

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Manchester Trip Planner

Half Day Private Walking Tour
Half Day Private Walking Tour...
Old Trafford Stadium Group Tour with Transfers
Old Trafford Stadium Group Tour with Transfers...
The Peak District National Park
The Peak District National Park...
Beech Road
Beech Road...
Town Hall
Town Hall...
Manchester’s Central Library
Manchester’s Central Library...
Northern Quarter
Northern Quarter...
Manchester Cathedral
Manchester Cathedral...
Coronation Street
Coronation Street...
Manchester Town Hall
Manchester Town Hall...
Manchester Art Gallery
Manchester Art Gallery...

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If there is a part in you, that jumps for joy every time you hear soccer mentioned then Manchester would be a real treat of addition to your UK itinerary. Besides boasting the largest football/soccer stadium in the United Kingdom, the third biggest city in the country has a lot to surprise its visitors with. For instance, we highly doubt you knew that Manchester was a birthplace of vegetarianism 200 years ago or that it is also the place where scientists first discover how to split an atom, or that it is also home to the first public library of the nation. You can already feel that coming here would fuel you culturally and you're absolutely right. By the way, during your stay in Manchester try the local delicacy - black pudding.

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