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Sonoma Valley Trip Planner

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Sonoma Valley Trip Planner

Sonoma Valley Wine Tour
Sonoma Valley Wine Tour...
Hot Air Balloon Shared Ride over Sonoma Valley
Hot Air Balloon Shared Ride over Sonoma Valley...
Safari West Adventure
Safari West Adventure...

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Situated in Northern California, Sonoma is an excellent place to visit or stay at while exploring the magnificent winemaking region. Once you're here, you will be spoiled for choice in term of art galleries and stunning buildings to visit, including the renown Sonoma Plaza.

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Planning a trip to stunning California? Sonoma Valley is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and enjoy a delicious glass of wine at sunset. This trip has it all, from vineyards & wineries like Pangloss Cellars and Buena Vista to amazing festivals & art galleries. So start making your itinerary now with Triptile and explore this wonderful destination! But if you're looking for the best of this California gem without the hassle of planning, feel free to browse our expert-made tours that include awesome sightseeing in Sonoma Valley.

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