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Santorini (Thira) Trip Planner

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Santorini (Thira) Trip Planner

Half Day Wine Tour
Half Day Wine Tour...
Half Day Wine Tour with Lunch
Half Day Wine Tour with Lunch...
Small Group Sunset Cruise on Catamaran
Small Group Sunset Cruise on Catamaran...
Half Day Trip Around Island
Half Day Trip Around Island...
Half Day Private Sailing
Half Day Private Sailing...
Full Day Small Group Catamaran Cruise
Full Day Small Group Catamaran Cruise...
Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral
Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral...
Archaeological Museum of Thera
Archaeological Museum of Thera...
Virgin Mary Orthodox Church-Three Bells of Fira
Virgin Mary Orthodox Church-Three Bells of Fira...
Santo Wines
Santo Wines...
Archaeological Site of Akrotiri
Archaeological Site of Akrotiri...
St. John the Baptist Cathedral
St. John the Baptist Cathedral...

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The most recognizable city in Greece, the most well-known destination for more than 2 million people in a year - Santorini attracts and dazzled you by it’s white and blue colors, round-shaped houses and magnificent views and landscapes. Take your chance to discover this Perl and spend a couple of days in the charming Santorini.

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Santorini is the absolute superstar among all the Greek Islands. It's impossible not to recognize it in pictures - blue and white colors are already the trademark of this city. With its reputation for stunning sunsets, mouth-watering cuisine, and maze of cobbled streets, Santorini leaves you awed and inspired. If you've just started planning your trip to Santorini and need some ideas and inspiration, please feel free to check out our fully comprehensive itinerary. There are already included the best landmarks and places, as well as top-notch facilities and services. If you would love to have something special and visit locations from your bucket list - just let us know, and we customize the program according to your ideas.

Greek Cyclades Voyage Private tour template

Greek Cyclades Voyage

10 days|5 cities|Private tour template

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