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Rome Trip Planner
Exciting tours and must-see places to visit in Rome. Wait no more to plan your perfect Eternal City experience

Rome Trip Planner

Exciting tours and must-see places to visit in Rome. Wait no more to plan your perfect Eternal City experience

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The legendary Eternal City, vibrant Rome is a unique living museum which never lets you forget about its saturated almost 3-thousand-year history. Ever asked yourself why they say that "all roads lead to Rome"? Well, the gorgeous Italian capital is, indeed, a multifaceted place where monumental ruins are adjacent to cozy cafes, gorgeous basilicas coexist with posh boutiques, and there are so many iconic Rome attractions that it's possible to write a dozen books if counting them all! The ancient Roman Forum, the famed Spanish Steps, the impressive Pantheon… you'll come across a remarkable landmark at almost every corner. In fact, there is no date on the calendar when the lines near the Colosseum or the sacred Vatican disappear or no traveler throws a coin into the marvelous Trevi Fountain. But one thing is absolutely certain - visiting Rome is an absolute "must" at least once in a lifetime!

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Thinking of crossing Rome out of your bucket list but don't know where to start planning? Traveling to the destination of your dreams is always exciting; however, planning the perfect Italy vacation can sometimes be difficult. Browse the list of Rome tours for 2021, choose the one that best suits your needs, and enjoy a worry-free adventure filled with great activities, rich sightseeing, and centrally located hotels in the marvelous Italian capital with the help of Rome Trip Planner.

Essential Italy

8 days|4 cities|Private tour template

Cultural Capitals with Tuscany

11 days|4 cities|Private tour template

Heart of Italy

9 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Platinum Italy

10 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Family Italian Experience

9 days|3 cities|Private tour template

Cultural Capitals

9 days|3 cities|Small group tour

Best of Florence and Rome

7 days|2 cities|Small group tour

Things to see in Rome

Set off on a comprehensive tour around the iconic monuments and the hidden gems of Rome and soak up the unparalleled ambiance of the romantic city. Here are some sights worth including to your Rome itinerary:

Build Multi Destination Trips from Rome

Building an itinerary has never been easier; therefore, don't miss the chance to visit numerous awe-inspiring cities nearby or maybe even continue your journey to a neighboring country. While arranging a trip to Rome, pay attention to other wonderful Italian hubs, worth paying a visit to. Here are some ideas for expanding your itinerary.

Florence Cathedral, Florence
Florence Cathedral, Florence
The birthplace of Renaissance featuring marvelous architecture on every corner.
Milan Cathedral, Milan
Milan Cathedral, Milan
The bustling capital of fashion, fitted with awe-inspiring sites.
Zermatt in Switzerland
Zermatt in Switzerland
Neighboring Switzerland's awe-inspiring city worth paying a visit to.

Italy Travel Ideas

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Venice canals
For all who plan their journey to Venice for the first time, this post will be a perfect introduction to the city of canals!

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F.A.Q about Rome Travel
Planning your first time trip to Rome? Here's what you might need to know:
Is Rome a safe city to visit?
Rome is generally safe for tourists; however, you should be aware of pickpocketers, as there are quite a few of them as in any popular destination. Keep your belongings with you at all times, be conscious of your surroundings, and you will have no problems touring the Eternal City....
What is the best time to visit Rome?
The best time for a Rome trip is arguably late May or September when the weather is nice and sunny, yet the crowds of tourists have not arrived at the destination yet. Traveling in April or October is also a great idea as the prices during shoulder season are a bit lower; however, the temperatures are usually lower as well....
What is Rome famous for?
Some of the main things that Rome is famous for are the iconic landmarks and sites, such as the world-known Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, and the Pantheon. Among other things, Rome is also known for housing the city-state of Vatican - the smallest independent state in the world....
How do you travel around Rome?
Most visitor attractions are located within walking distance from one another, making walking the best choice for getting around the city. It also allows you to marvel at the lovely city streets, soak up the authentic ambiance, and stop to enjoy the views or take pictures whenever you feel like it. For conquering longer distances, Rome has a well-developed system of public transportation....
Is Rome expensive to eat and drink?
Restaurant prices in Rome differ depending not only on the restaurant itself but also on the location; needless to say, the ones located nearby popular tourist attractions might be a bit more pricey. In case of not knowing where to go for a quick lunch or a nice dinner, don't fear to ask the locals; they will certainly know the best places around. In general, food and drink prices are average and above average; a typical meal per person costs around ~13-15 euros....