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Konya Trip Planner
Konya's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Konya
Half Day City Tour
Half Day City Tour...
Whirling Dervishes Show
Whirling Dervishes Show...
Mevlana Museum
Mevlana Museum...
Konya Tropikal Kelebek Bahcesi
Konya Tropikal Kelebek Bahcesi...
Karatay Madrasa
Karatay Madrasa...
Alaaddin Hill Park
Alaaddin Hill Park...
Kyoto Japanese Park
Kyoto Japanese Park...

Konya Trip Planner

Konya's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Konya

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Konya is a famous attracting destination for Sufis, wishing to visit one of the most important religious treasures of the country - the tomb of the founder of the Mevlana order. The Mevlana Museum is one of the biggest pilgrimage centers in the country and the building itself counts as one of Turkey's most recognizable sights. Take a chance to spend time in Konya and discover this beautiful city.

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Thinking of visiting Konya? Let Triptile assist you with organizing your ideal trip. With our itinerary tour builder tool, you can stop thinking about your bookings and leave it up to our team of professionals at Triptile to make all the reservations. Spend time on things that matter, like choosing the place you want to stay over, where you want to go sightseeing, and how you want to get around Konya, by adding them to your itinerary. Konya is a land of history and offers all tourists an insight into the history of Turkey at Mevlana Museum. A small village of Sille on the city's edge is another place worth visiting purely for seeing its almost-prehistoric architecture. And of course, attending to performances hosted after dark that are free to attend for anyone wishing to explore Turkish culture on a more personal level. This and much more awaits you, so start planning your trip to Konya now with Triptile, and don't miss out!

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