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Zermatt Trip Planner

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Zermatt Trip Planner

Day Trip to Gornergrat
Day Trip to Gornergrat...
Big Trail at Zermatt Fun Park
Big Trail at Zermatt Fun Park...
Kid's Trail at Zermatt Fun Park
Kid's Trail at Zermatt Fun Park...
The Matternhorn Glacier Paradise
The Matternhorn Glacier Paradise...
The Mountain Carts
The Mountain Carts...
Kickbiking on Sunnegga
Kickbiking on Sunnegga...
Mountain Lakes Hiking Trail
Mountain Lakes Hiking Trail...
Furi Suspension Bridge Trail
Furi Suspension Bridge Trail...
Glacier Garden Loop Bike Route
Glacier Garden Loop Bike Route...
Flower Hiking Trail
Flower Hiking Trail...
Path to Freedom - Highest Hiking Trail In Zermatt
Path to Freedom - Highest Hiking Trail In Zermatt...
Matterhorn Museum
Matterhorn Museum...

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Best known as a great location for winter sports activities, Zermatt is a famous resort in the Swiss Alps that attracts people from all over the world. The village lies at the foot of the highest mountains in the Alpine mountain range and offers exceptional skiing, climbing and hiking opportunities. Apart from sports, a traveler can explore the main street of Zermatt, Bahnhofstrasse, lined with boutique shops and exquisite restaurants.

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