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Turin Trip Planner
Turin's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Turin
Half Day Private Walking Tour
Half Day Private Walking Tour...
Half Day Private Tour Turin & Jewish Ghetto
Half Day Private Tour Turin & Jewish Ghetto...
Half Day Private Food Tour
Half Day Private Food Tour...
Zoom Torino Park
Zoom Torino Park...
The Egyptian Museum of Turin
The Egyptian Museum of Turin...
The Cinema Museum
The Cinema Museum...
Valentino Park
Valentino Park...
The Venaria Reale Palace
The Venaria Reale Palace...
The Car Museum
The Car Museum...
Planetarium di Turino
Planetarium di Turino...
Madama Palace
Madama Palace...
Royal Palace of Turin
Royal Palace of Turin...

Turin Trip Planner

Turin's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Turin

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Gem of Piedmont, Turin, is a charming Italian town surrounded by the Alps. It is home to great galleries and museums, for example, the Museum of Automobiles, well-preserved historic architecture, like the Palatine Towers, and numerous palaces, such as the Palazzo Madama, the royal Palazzo Reale and the Palace of Venaria. There are also numerous churches and cathedrals worth seeing, including the Basilica di Superga and the Church of our Lady of Consolation.

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