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St. Moritz Trip Planner
St. Moritz's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to St. Moritz
Corviglia Funicular
Corviglia Funicular...
Segantini Museum
Segantini Museum...
Engadiner Museum
Engadiner Museum...
The Saint Moritz Design Gallery
The Saint Moritz Design Gallery...
Berry Museum
Berry Museum...
St. Karl Church
St. Karl Church...
Dal Mulin
Dal Mulin...
Ecco on Snow
Ecco on Snow...
Chesa Al Parc
Chesa Al Parc...
Suvretta Stube
Suvretta Stube...
Mono Restaurant
Mono Restaurant...
Hatecke Restaurant
Hatecke Restaurant...

St. Moritz Trip Planner

St. Moritz's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to St. Moritz

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Having hosted the Winter Olympics twice in its history, St. Moritz have always been a luxury resort for ski and skate lovers from all over the world. Thanks to its lucky location, St. Moritz is a place with over 300 sunny days a year.

St. Moritz Trips

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Get to experience both the warm and the frosty side of Switzerland with a trip to St. Moritz! With Triptile you can spend all your valuable time picking out activities that you want to do at St. Moritz, the accommodation you want to stay in, and landmarks worth visiting. Our booking experts at Triptile will use your itinerary and follow it to make all the reservations and appointments happen without you having to worry about making bookings overseas. Admire the majestic view that opens up from the Sils and Val Fex, go on a hike to the Fuorcla Surlej, and enjoy a rare sight of the winter and summer mix landscape. For people who enjoy exploring art, St. Moritz has a design gallery where you can see showcases of rare posters that change with new exhibitions taking place each year. Be in charge of your tour to St. Moritz with Triptile, let go of the hassle of making bookings and get excited about your new adventure to Switzerland.

The Greatest Train Ride

The Greatest Train Ride

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Definitive Switzerland

Definitive Switzerland

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