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Plan a Korea Trip on Triptile™
A simple South Korea itinerary planner
If the morning calm was a destination, it would have to be South Korea. It's the perfect location for your vacation. It seamlessly balances out nature's tranquility with Korean vibrant cities. We are absolutely certain that South Korea will leave you speechless with its pulsating culture and breathtaking landscapes, complemented by country's history dating back thousands of years. We are here to help you experience it all, from Korean K-pop culture, trendsetters and quirky entertainment to the incredible beauty of natural wonders like the shield volcano or Seoraksan - one of the tallest mountains in the country. All you need to do is rather simple, browse our already planned package programs or build your own in minutes, selecting your departure date, and destinations you'd like to include in your trip. We will review your itinerary and get back to you with a quote and competent travel advice.

How to Plan a Trip to South Korea Easily?

Wish to find buddist-like tranquility and experience an exotic culture first-hand? South Korea should be first on your list

City scape, South Korea
City scape, South Korea
Cities to visit
Using the Korea trip planner you can build a tour to multiple cities. We recommend to always include Seoul and Busan to your itinerary - as these cities are must-visit.
Colorful umbrellas, South Korea
Colorful umbrellas, South Korea
Cultural activities
Don't miss out on the Korean activities collection to illuminate your time abroad. Guided city tours, Temple day trips, local food master classes, you name it, Triptile's got it!
South Korea
South Korea
Unique templates
Mix and match the Korean destinations you'd like to visit by either assembling a tour from scratch or using one of the flexible templates which were put together by experts.

How Does Triptile Work?

Triptile allows you to build complex multi-destination itineraries in several minutes

Select cities in 1 min
Select all the destinations you would like to visit. You can choose anything.
Add dates in 30 sec
Choose the start date of your trip and enter how many travelers are going.
Customize trip in 3 min
Change hotels, include (or exclude) activities, play around with the trip duration.
Trip is ready in under 5 min
Voilà! Your multi-city itinerary is ready in a matter of minutes. Now share it with friends!

Plan a Better Journey to South Korea

Providing radically better travel experiences is our core

If you have started planning your trip to South Korea, you probably have encountared a slight problem - a plethora of choice. It might not be a prolem per se, but if you are short on time and would like to get the best possible itinerary without having to spend hours on research, the endless lists of hotel and things to do is the least thing on your wishlist. Don't worry, you came to the right place. We are here to help you plan the best vacation of your life in a matter of minutes. To save your precious time, we have shortlisted the best locations for your trip, and narrowed your choice of hotels. We believe you should leave the complicated travel planning and research to experts and join the process on the best part of it all - putting the final touches to your itinerary. Ready to experience awe-inspiring South Korea?