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Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia... How many of these incredible places have you visited? You are lucky enough if you have been to one of them as destinations that compile South East Asia are alls spectacular. If we had to describe them in a few words, we would have a real challenge as all of these fascinating countries boast unimaginable nature, exotic customs, and traditions, event calendar rich in festivities, and cities with skylines you could never imagine. Whichever option you choose, be it to visit one country at the time or explore the whole region in one go, we are here to make it easier. Let's start planning!

Frequently Asked Questions about Southeast Asia

Find out all of the answers to your burning questions on traveling to Southeast Asia.

What is the best time to visit Southeast Asia?

The best time for visiting South East Asia is from November to February when the weather is dry and cool. The hottest period with around 97 degrees Fahrenheit is from March to June, and from June to October, you can expect the rain season with heavy monsoons. The best time to travel to Malaysia or Indonesia is from April to October.

What is the best country to visit in Southeast Asia?

To Southeast Asia belonging 11 countries, all of them appealing and worth discovering. For your convenience, we are listening top-5 countries, according to statistics.

  1. Thailand - 39,797,406 39.80 million reviews.
  2. Malaysia - 20,1 million reviews.
  3. Vietnam - 18 million reviews.
  4. Singapore - 15.9 million reviews.
  5. Indonesia - 13.62 million reviews.

How long do you need to travel to Southeast Asia?

The itinerary for your travel depends on the time you can spend in the country and things you would like to see. Asia is a very colorful and one-of-a-kind destination, and we do recommend to safe for it at least 10-14 days to have a chance to travel at your own pace and avoid the rush. More days to stay there would bring you more comfort, and you could see and visit different highlights.

How much should I budget for Southeast Asia?

Asia is very cost-friendly and allows us to get better experiences at a better price. The average simple stay in Asia is around $50-$60 in a day for two people. Please note, in case you are planning the fully-comprehensive trip, and want to visit not one country but more, the cost could be higher. To create the best itinerary for your travel feel free to contact our dedicated Destination Specialists or use our Southeast Asia trip planner.

What makes Southeast Asia unique?

They say Asia is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind world. Here is located about 60% of the world population, which makes Asia the crowdest, busiest, and alluring part of the Planet. Here you find the balance of high technologies and deeply authentic, religious temples and places of power, modern nightlife, and festivals. Asia is perfect for those who like staying on a beach and active holidays: there are so many breathtaking islands, places for hiking, unique properties to live in to get a chance to enjoy stunning sunsets.

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