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Savonlinna Trip Planner
Savonlinna's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Savonlinna
Half Day Private Walking Tour
Half Day Private Walking Tour...
Public Boat Cruise
Public Boat Cruise...
Steam Boat Public Cruise
Steam Boat Public Cruise...
Ollinmaki Wineyard Tour
Ollinmaki Wineyard Tour...
Private Lake Saimaa Cruise with Guide
Private Lake Saimaa Cruise with Guide...
Full day trip to Linnansaari
Full day trip to Linnansaari...
Olavinlinna Castle
Olavinlinna Castle...
Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding...
Waahto Brewery
Waahto Brewery...
Ice Floating
Ice Floating...
Riihisaari - Lake Saimaa Nature and Museum Centre
Riihisaari - Lake Saimaa Nature and Museum Centre...
Savonlinna Opera Festival
Savonlinna Opera Festival...

Savonlinna Trip Planner

Savonlinna's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Savonlinna

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Savonlinna is an interesting town in Finland known for its picturesque setting, historical significance, and cultural attractions. Here are some of the interesting aspects of Savonlinna: Olavinlinna Castle: The most iconic landmark in Savonlinna is Olavinlinna Castle. Built in the 15th century, this medieval fortress is situated on an island in Lake Saimaa. It's renowned for its unique architecture and historical significance, as it played a role in the history of Finnish-Swedish conflict. The castle also hosts the annual Savonlinna Opera Festival, one of the most famous opera festivals in the world. Savonlinna Opera Festival: This internationally acclaimed opera festival takes place every summer in the Olavinlinna Castle. The festival attracts opera enthusiasts from all over the world who come to enjoy performances in a truly unique and historic setting. The combination of world-class performances and the stunning castle backdrop creates a memorable cultural experience. Lake Saimaa: Savonlinna is located on the shores of Lake Saimaa, which is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest natural freshwater lake in Europe. The lake offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and enjoying the serene natural beauty of the Finnish lakeland. Cultural Heritage: The town has a rich cultural heritage with several museums and galleries that showcase the history, art, and traditions of the region. The Riihisaari Museum and the Savonlinna Provincial Museum are notable places to explore the local history and culture. Festivals and Events: Aside from the Opera Festival, Savonlinna hosts various other events throughout the year. These include music concerts, art exhibitions, and traditional Finnish festivities that provide insight into the local culture and way of life. Surrounding Nature: The region around Savonlinna is characterized by its pristine nature and beautiful landscapes. In addition to Lake Saimaa, there are numerous forests, hiking trails, and opportunities for outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and birdwatching. Local Cuisine: Savonlinna offers a taste of Finnish cuisine, with local restaurants serving dishes made from fresh ingredients sourced from the surrounding region. You can try traditional Finnish foods like fish, berries, and rye bread. Historical Architecture: Beyond Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna boasts charming wooden architecture and historic buildings that reflect its past. Walking through the town allows visitors to appreciate the blend of history and modern life. Overall, Savonlinna's combination of history, culture, natural beauty, and unique events make it an interesting and memorable destination for travelers looking to experience the best of Finland's lakeside charm.

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If you ever wanted to go back in time and experience the life of the older days, a trip to Savonlinna will be what you are looking for! With Triptile you can start planning out your journey and pick your choice of accommodation, places you want to visit, and choose how to get around the city all in one place, and our experienced team at Triptile will use your itinerary to organize and book whatever you choose. Start your journey with wandering through Savonlinna's Old Town filled with cobblestone houses and wooden signs, try out local delicacy, Lörsty, and bond with the locals in bars over a glass of craft beer. This journey into the past is a breath of fresh air that gives you an opportunity to escape the daily life routine. Start making your ideal trip to Savonlinna with Triptile and get to experience Finland of older days.

Highlights of Finland

Highlights of Finland

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