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Planning a Trip to Russia Easily
With the Russia itinerary planner by Triptile™
Multifaceted and captivating, enigmatic and sometimes controversial, Russia can be a real puzzle for newcomers. In fact, vibrant Russia has so many surprises and highlights to offer, from the sparkling glory of Moscow and Saint Petersburg to the inimitable charms of Volga River villages and the colors of the remote Far East, that planning a Russia journey can become quite tricky. But since you are on this page, it probably means that you feel determined and adventurous enough to discover the vast expanses of the biggest country in the world, don't you? Fortunately, Triptile™ is here to help you build a hallmark Russia travel itinerary with ease, including the best Russia experiences and attractions, safe transfers and great accommodation options. Each building block and template itinerary on this website was assembled by professionals in the destinations, thus, rest assured, you're choosing from the best of the best that's available, all for a fair price!

Russia Trips

Russia trip packages and planning advice by travel experts

The largest country in the world undoubtedly has countless things to see and to do. Thousands of years of eventful history gave charm and character to the country. If you're planning a trip to Russia, below are a few custom tours created by travel experts and experienced by plenty of travelers. These Russia trip packages boast top sights, guided programs, centrally located hotels, and private transfers. Choose a date and time you want to travel to Russia because it has something fantastic for every season! Don't miss a chance to go on an inspirational adventure with your choice of an organized program, whether it's an exciting week or an unforgettable 14-day trip to Russia. Triptile's Russia trip planner will allow you to create your incredible life journey to Russia.

Private tour to Northern Lights in Russia
Private tour to Northern Lights in Russia

12-day trip to Russia

Private tour to Two Capitals
Private tour to Two capitals

9-day trip to Russia

Private tour to Russia in Winter
Private tour to Russia in Winter

12-day trip to Russia

Small group tour to Imperial Russia
Small group tour to Imperial Russia

14-day trip to Russia

Small group tour to Russia
Small group tour to Russia

9-day trip to Russia

Small group tour to Russia
Small group tour to Russia

7-day trip to Russia

Frequently Asked Questions about Russia

Find out all of the answers to your burning questions on traveling in Russia

What is Russia famous for?

Russia is famous for its cultural and architectural heritage, authentic customs, and tasty cuisine. Russian art and literature are known worldwide, every culture fan knows about Russian ballet and great writers such as Leon Tolstoy ("Anna Karenina" and "War & Peace") and Fyodor Dostoevsky ("The Brothers Karamazov" and "Crime & Punishment"). You may already hear of traditional Russian cuisine that includes well-known Pirozhki pastries, Pelmeni dumplings that are considered the classic Russian dish, and Solyanka soup. By the way, the most popular and most notable souvenir is the Matryoshka doll.

What is the most visited place in Russia?

According to reviews left on Google, travelers have mostly visited the Red Square situated in Moscow. The top 10 list of attractions is mainly dominated by sights located in the two main Russian cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, there is a popular attraction in Kazan city as well.

  1. Red Square, Moscow (Google reviews: 136'284)
  2. All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow (Google reviews: 107'124)
  3. Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Moscow (Google reviews: 71'658)
  4. Peterhof, St. Petersburg (Google reviews: 66'074)
  5. Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, Moscow (Google reviews: 50'345)
  6. The Moscow Kremlin, Moscow (Google reviews: 49'321)
  7. Kazan Kremlin, Kazan (Google reviews: 48'754)
  8. State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg (Google reviews: 48'579)
  9. St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg (Google reviews: 40'866)
  10. Catherine Palace, St. Petersburg (Google reviews: 24,043)

Is Moscow or St Petersburg better?

Two Russian largest capitals Moscow and St. Petersburg, are the most popular destinations in Russia. Both cities have plenty of attractions to offer; however, the towns have a different atmosphere as well as experiences. Russia's capital is a highly cosmopolitan city with a large number of people from all around the world. Moscow has played the most significant role in Russia's history, and today it's the number one tourist city in the country. While St. Petersburg is less crowded and is known for its charming elegance and canals. Also, it's the cheaper city than Moscow but plenty of Classical and Baroque architecture around.

What is the best time to visit Russia?

With Russia's abundance of different cultures, attractions, biomes, and places, it is no surprise that there are discoveries to be made and adventures to embark on all around the year. Whether it's to see the Northern lights of Murmansk in winter, to gaze upon the wild autumn nature, or enjoy summertime Moscow and St. Petersburg's heat and energy, anytime is truly the best. Of course, Russia is known for rather cold winters, and while most tourists prefer to visit the country in summer, one of the great charms of Russia can only be discovered in winter. It all depends on the thrill that you are chasing.

Do they speak English in Moscow?

Being the capital of Russia and one of the most globalized cities in the world, Moscow is a huge international tourism and business hub. While not all people in the city may speak English, there is certainly no shortage of services and information provided in English and competent speakers all around.

Plan a Better Journey to Russia

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Huge snowbanks, matryoshka dolls, and bears on the streets are what most foreigners imagine when Russia comes to their mind. Well, fair enough, but Russia is, indeed, a lot more than funny stereotypes, and there is an impressive number of highlights and places in Russia that can challenge the more obvious associations. The one-of-a-kind heritage of the two gorgeous Russian capitals, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the pristine nature of Siberia and breathtaking panoramas of the Lake Baikal, versatile cities and enchanting villages of the Far East, delicious local cuisine and unique traditions of diverse Russia regions are only the beginning of the list of things that Russia is ready to surprise you with. If it is only the intimidating and seemingly complex planning that keeps you from saying "yes" to setting off on an exciting Russia trip, there's a great solution that's able to make the process of putting together a well-balanced Russia itinerary easier than ever. The online tour building platform Triptile™ is a convenient tool which offers a great opportunity to create the trip of your dreams as if you are playing with Lego blocks (which were assembled by travel experts) when fantasy has no limits. Combine the vibrant Russian cities, choose the best hotels and efficient transfers, enrich your holiday with local activities and delve into Russia's rich culture to the fullest! We, in our turn, are always glad to encourage even the most sophisticated travel appetites and, in case you need some professional assistance, are always ready to send you a quote and resolve any questions you have!

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