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How to Get from Rome to Pisa
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The legendary Eternal City, vibrant Rome is a unique living museum which never lets you forget about its saturated almost 3-thousand-year history. Ever asked yourself why they say that "all roads lead to Rome"? Well, the gorgeous Italian capital is, indeed, a multifaceted place where monumental ruins are adjacent to cozy cafes, gorgeous basilicas coexist with posh boutiques, and there are so many iconic Rome attractions that it's possible to write a dozen books if counting them all! The ancient Roman Forum, the famed Spanish Steps, the impressive Pantheon… you'll come across a remarkable landmark at almost every corner. In fact, there is no date on the calendar when the lines near the Colosseum or the sacred Vatican disappear or no traveler throws a coin into the marvelous Trevi Fountain. But one thing is absolutely certain - visiting Rome is an absolute "must" at least once in a lifetime!...Read more
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One of the most recognized symbols of Italy is the 12th-century white-stone Leaning Tower that is located in a charming historic town called Pisa. The tower's angle wasn't perfect even the year it was completed and as long as it's still standing, more and more people come to Pisa to see it. Apart from the famous Square of Miracles, other places worthy of notice here are the tiny church Santa Maria della Spina and Piazza Dei Cavalieri. The pedestrian street Corso Italia has many cafes and restaurants....Read more

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Are you traveling from Rome to Pisa? There's no better way to go about it than planning your travel itinerary on Triptile. By using our tour builder tool, you can begin personalizing your travel itinerary by selecting your preferred connection between Rome and Pisa and then fill out the rest of the gaps. Choose downtown accommodation, select your favorite travel experiences within each city, and add any additional destinations and transfers to get the most out of your trip. You can be entirely in charge of your Rome-Pisa trip. And if you're short on time, don't worry. We have your back. You can simply pick one of our pre-planned, all-around amazing programs in these two cities below. So treat yourself to a pleasant vacation and start planning your trip from Rome to Pisa today!

Paris, Munich & Rome in a Nutshell Private tour

Paris, Munich & Rome in a Nutshell

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Best of Florence and Rome Small group tour

Best of Florence and Rome

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Getaway to Rome Private tour template

Getaway to Rome

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Rome & Amalfi Exploration Small Group Small group tour

Rome & Amalfi Exploration Small Group

7 days|2 cities|Small group tour

Best of Southern Italy: Rome, Bari, Amalfi Private tour template

Best of Southern Italy: Rome, Bari, Amalfi

12 days|5 cities|Private tour template

Top Experiences in Rome and Pisa

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Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa...
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta...

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