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Archeological Tour of Patras
Archeological Tour of Patras...

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Located in northern Peloponnese, Patras is the country’s third-largest city and could undoubtedly become the highlight of your Greece tour. This bustling student city has a lot to offer both to those interested in exploring historic sites and those eager to simply relax by the sea, enjoying spectacular maritime views and indulging in Greek wine tasting. Start your Patras tour by visiting the city’s 6th century Medieval Castle built on the ruins of the ancient Acropolis, which offers breathtaking views over the city. Then, continue to explore the impressive Roman Odeon discovered only in 1889, with its surrounding archeological area displaying mosaics, sarcophagi, and other ancient findings. Speaking of archaeology, Patras is also home to the Archaeological Museum, the 2nd biggest museum in Greece, which houses archeological discoveries from prehistory to the end of the Roman times. Planning a trip to Patras, don’t forget to add the Achaia Clauss winery to your itinerary, which is one of the oldest and most famous wineries in Greece, and enjoy the fine taste of the Mavrodaphne wine, produced here. There's undoubtedly plenty of wondrous things to enjoy while in Patras, thus, make sure to pay a visit to the lovely city.

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