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Norway Trip Planner
Tour builder for Norway. Build a trip yourself, or have experts plan it for you.
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Hurtigruten Cruise (Bergen-Kirkenes)
Hurtigruten Cruise (Bergen-Kirkenes)
Hurtigruten Cruise (Kirkenes-Bergen)
Hurtigruten Cruise (Kirkenes-Bergen)

Norway Trip Planner

Tour builder for Norway. Build a trip yourself, or have experts plan it for you.

Plan your Norway Trip on Triptile™
A simple Norway travel planner
Norway is without a shade of doubt one of the most stunning destinations in Europe. The homeland of the gorgeous fjords, breathtaking waterfalls, vast expanses of nature untouched by man, and unique locations to seek Northern Lights, this country is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. However, the abundance of things to see and places to visit might become a headache when it comes to planning the trip. Make the process of planning as joyful as traveling itself with Triptile™! Create the best routes, adjust the itinerary to your own needs and priorities, and feel free to add whatever you want to ensure the best Norway travel experience for you and your loved ones.

Norway Trips

Norway trip packages and planning advice by travel experts

Are you thinking about booking a trip to Norway? Have you chosen your Norway trip itinerary already? If you haven't found the right trip for you, browse our collection of best Norway trips 2021 and select the one that appeals the most. Is it Northern Lights you're looking to chase, or wishing to cruise amongst majestic fjords? Maybe you want to explore the urban life of the country? Whichever ideas you have for your Norway vacation, we're sure you can make them come to life with Norway Trip Planner and the experts behind it.

Norway and Svalbard Journey Private tour template

Norway and Svalbard Journey

12 days|8 cities|Private tour template

Precious Norway Private tour template

Precious Norway

9 days|5 cities|Private tour template

Essential Norway Small group tour

Essential Norway

6 days|3 cities|Small group tour

Definitive Norway & Copenhagen Extension Small group tour

Definitive Norway & Copenhagen Extension

12 days|7 cities|Small group tour

Definitive Norway & Iceland Small group tour

Definitive Norway & Iceland

12 days|7 cities|Small group tour

Best of Norway Private tour template

Best of Norway

9 days|6 cities|Private tour template

Winter Wonders of Norway Tour Private tour template

Winter Wonders of Norway Tour

11 days|9 cities|Private tour template

Definitive Norway Tour Small group tour

Definitive Norway Tour

9 days|6 cities|Small group tour

Norway Travel Ideas

Discover top attractions, things to do and best places to visit in Norway, by checking out our Triptile Blog

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Frequently Asked Questions about Norway
Find out all of the answers to your burning questions on traveling Norway
How long should I spend in Norway?
Norway is so spectacular that the more days you spend exploring, the better! If you are traveling here for an Oslo getaway, then 4-6 days should be enough for the thorough city tour. However, if you are interested in Norway's breathtaking nature, you should dedicate at least one week for this type of vacation. Many of the country's must-visit landmarks are located up north, while the urban city life is down south, so just the logistics of your trip will need more time. Two weeks in Norway is the ideal duration for your trip, during which you will manage to see both the city life and come close to the extraordinary nature....
Which is the most beautiful city in Norway?
When building an itinerary, one of the most asked questions is which stops to include in your Norway trip, or in other words, which cities are worth stopping for. Among the tourists, the most-loved cities are Alesund and Bergen. Both feature unique Scandinavian-style houses, incredible sceneries of fjords, and a unique atmosphere. Bergen is famous for its colorful harbor. Alesund can't be beaten in terms of the cozy narrow streets and fjord backdrop. If you can visit them both, you won't regret this decision!...
What is the best month to go to Norway?
Unlike Italy, where summers are boiling, Norway cannot brag about high degree bars during the hottest season. From June to August, the weather is pleasantly warm and can arguably be the best time to explore this Scandinavian country. Temperature is the highest in July when it reaches around 19°C on average. However, if you choose to go then, you should book in advance as this is when crowds of tourists flood the streets of popular cities and other famous attractions. Therefore, if you like mild weather and want to avoid the peak of tourism in Norway, plan your trip in spring - April or May. We do not advise visiting in September - November as it is very rainy in Norway....
Why you should visit Norway?
There are plenty of reasons why Norway should be on your travel bucket list. If you are a nature lover, you won't find a destination that matches Norway's breathtaking rugged fjords, incredible landscapes, and wintery scenery. While on a trip to this Scandinavian destination, you absolutely must ride one of the most scenic railways in the world - Flambsana, connecting Flam and Myrdal in the south of Norway. An hour-long train journey fills you with unforgettable views of Norwegian nature and fjords. However, a fjord cruise is another excellent option to observe the country's magnificent natural wonders and even witness the largest mammal on our planet - Whales. In addition, Norway is also an impeccable location to gaze at the magical phenomenon of Northern Lights, taking place beneath the Arctic Circle, in the very north of the country. On another note, you don't even need a reason to visit Norway. Just come here without any preset expectations and let Norway surprise you. ...
What is the best way to see Norway?
As travel experts, we can say that the best way to explore Norway is with a multi-city, guided 2-week tour. Suppose you choose to go with one of the templates designed by our destination specialists. In that case, you can expect only the best accommodation options, convenience transfers, and local professional guides from your program. We create our programs with tried and tested travel supplies. We carefully consider every logistical aspect of the itinerary so you can rest assured knowing that your trip is going to be smooth and enjoyable. However, if you don't find a template that suits your travel vision, try building your own, and our team of travel experts will provide advice when finalizing the details of your Norway tour....

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Dreaming of visiting Norway? Exciting fjord cruises, trips to the Lofoten Islands, riding along the Flamsbana railway, fun activities and guided sightseeing tours all coupled with easy connections and stays at top central properties - organizing such a trip is easier than you think! With Triptile™ your dream vacation is just a couple of clicks away. The handy Norway trip planner allows you to choose the top means of transportation with the smartest connections, browse the most popular activities, and suggests the best accommodation opportunities in different locations all over the country for you to choose from. In addition to that, it enables you to plan the routes according to your needs and wishes, thus, open up your bucket list and visit all the magnificent places in Norway you have always wanted to see. Beautiful old towns and bustling cities, awe-inspiring nature and breathtaking fjords, all add to one unforgettable travel experience. And creating a trip of a lifetime has never been easier with the professionally designed tool! In case of any hesitation or in need of some advice, feel free to contact our experienced travel experts who will gladly help you with the booking process or further planning of the journey.

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Originally, Triptile was developed by Firebird Tours® as a tool for travel professionals so they could build custom multi-destination trips to anywhere in Europe. Today Triptile allows all users to connect any hubs in any European country and many countries around the world while providing you with recommendations for the best hotels, activities, and transportation to use during the trip. The best part, however, is that with Triptile you can plan your next vacation in a matter of minutes, not weeks. All of the travel inventory is supplied by Firebird Tours, one of the leading travel companies for Europe. Triptile is the perfect tool for you to plan a trip not only to European countries such as Italy, France and Spain but also outside of Europe to places in Scandinavia, Asia, Oceania, Alaska and virtually anywhere. You can use any of the services available on Triptile or add your own. You don’t have to make reservations with us but you can always ask our team for a quote. And if you do, rest assured you're in great hands. Ready to start building your trip?

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