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The sun-drenched Murcia in south-eastern Spain is without a shadow of a doubt an attention-worthy city. Picturesquely set on the bank of the Segura River, Murcia provides travelers with numerous opportunities to explore unique historic sites, admire the impressive Baroque architecture, and take part in local celebrations and festivals. One of the most recognizable landmarks of Murcia is the lavishly decorated Murcia Cathedral, featuring the 93-meter high bell tower, the second tallest in entire Spain. Another architectural site on your Murcia itinerary waiting to be explored is the Real Casino de Murcia, now a private club for the wealthy elite, with its frescoed walls and opulent interior. Those eager to marvel at beautiful nature shouldn't miss the chance to visit the Floridablanca Gardens, one of the first public parks in Spain, to take a leisurely walk around this cool oasis on a hot summer day. Get better acquainted with the Spanish culture and traditions by taking part in local festivals, the Spring Fest that features locals dressed up in traditional huertano clothing and engaged in peculiar activities such as the Burial of the Sardine being the most famous of them. Filled with an abundance of fun pursuits and fascinating sights, the Murcia tour is undoubtedly one to remember.

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