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The largest of the five Cinque Terre villages, Monterosso al Mare is undoubtedly worth adding to your Italian itinerary. Located in the rugged coastal area, the village boasts outstanding natural beauty, with lemons, vines, and olives cultivated on the local hills; and spectacular views over the crystal clear waters of the Ligurian Sea. When planning a trip to Monterosso al Mare, bear in mind that it is divided into two parts: the old village and the modern village (Fegina). While in Fegina, don’t miss the chance to sunbathe on the pebbles of the largest beach in the Cinque Terre region, swim in the warm Ligurian Sea waters, and take a leisurely stroll along the lively seafront promenade. Within a short distance from the famous Fegina beach is another highlight of your Monterosso al Mare trip - the impressive fourteen-meter high statue of the Giant (Neptune) created by the Italian sculptor Arrigo Minerbi. Those interested in architectural sites should definitely pay a visit to the old town of Monterosso, dominated by the ruins of the ancient fortress and featuring such architectural treasures as the 13th-century church of St. John the Baptist with black and white marbles and the frescoed main portal. Brimming with interesting pursuits and authentic sights to explore, Monterosso al Mare will undoubtedly leave you wanting to come back.

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