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Monaco Trip Planner

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Monaco Trip Planner

Half Day Guided City Tour
Half Day Guided City Tour...
Monte-Carlo District
Monte-Carlo District...
Prince's Palace of Monaco
Prince's Palace of Monaco...
Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo Casino...
Opera de Monte-Carlo
Opera de Monte-Carlo...
Monaco St Nicholas Cathedral
Monaco St Nicholas Cathedral...
Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology
Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology...
Monaco-Ville District
Monaco-Ville District...
Cars collection of HSH the Prince of Monaco
Cars collection of HSH the Prince of Monaco...
Exotic Garden of Monaco
Exotic Garden of Monaco...
Oceanographic Museum
Oceanographic Museum...
Libertas One Yacht
Libertas One Yacht...

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Monaco is the second smallest country in the world set on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its petite size, this French Riviera gem has much to offer travelers. Those visiting this city-state for the first time should head to the main attraction of Monaco - the famous Monte-Carlo Casino. The Opera House, the imposing Prince's Palace and the Monaco Cathedral are among other unmissable sights. For a touch of history, visit the Fort Antoine, an 8th century fortress.

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