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Krakow Trip Planner
Krakow's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Krakow
Half Day Walking Tour in Krakow
Half Day Walking Tour in Krakow...
Auschwitz Group Tour with Private Transfers
Auschwitz Group Tour with Private Transfers...
Wieliczka Salt Mine Group Tour with Private Transfers
Wieliczka Salt Mine Group Tour with Private Transfers...
Full Day Private Walking Tour
Full Day Private Walking Tour...
Folk Show with Dinner
Folk Show with Dinner...
Jewish Walking Tour in Krakow
Jewish Walking Tour in Krakow...
Definitive Auschwitz Tour with Private Transfers
Definitive Auschwitz Tour with Private Transfers...
Day Trip to Zakopane
Day Trip to Zakopane...
National Museum in Krakow
National Museum in Krakow...

Krakow Trip Planner

Krakow's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Krakow

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Wawel Castle: Situated on Wawel Hill, this historic castle complex includes a cathedral and represents various architectural styles from Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. It was the residence of Polish kings for many centuries. Main Market Square (Rynek Główny): As the largest medieval town square in Europe, it's home to numerous historic landmarks, including the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) and St. Mary's Basilica with its stunning wooden altarpiece. Kazimierz District: Originally the Jewish quarter, Kazimierz is rich in Jewish heritage and now is a lively area known for its vibrant nightlife, historic synagogues, and annual Jewish Culture Festival. Schindler’s Factory: Made famous by Steven Spielberg's film, "Schindler's List," this former enamel factory is now a museum showcasing the history of Kraków during World War II and Oskar Schindler's efforts to save Jewish workers. Jagiellonian University: Established in 1364, it's one of the oldest universities in the world. Famous alumni include Nicolaus Copernicus and Karol Wojtyła, later known as Pope John Paul II. Wieliczka Salt Mine: Located near Kraków, this historic salt mine is famous for its underground chambers carved entirely out of salt, including a chapel with salt chandeliers. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tyniec Abbey: An ancient Benedictine abbey located on the banks of the Vistula River, offering stunning views and a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Florianska Street: A popular shopping and entertainment street leading from St. Florian's Gate to the Main Market Square. Legend of the Wawel Dragon: The city has a famous legend about a dragon that once lived in a cave under Wawel Hill. A statue of the Wawel Dragon stands nearby and occasionally spews fire. Cultural Events: Kraków is home to numerous festivals, art exhibitions, and performances throughout the year, including the Kraków Film Festival, the Festival of Old Music, and the Jewish Culture Festival. Traditional Foods: Kraków offers a wide range of Polish traditional foods, including "zapiekanka" (a type of open-faced sandwich) popularly bought in Plac Nowy in Kazimierz and "obwarzanek krakowski," a pretzel-like snack you can find around the city. Pope John Paul II: Before becoming pope, Karol Wojtyła was the Archbishop of Kraków. The city is dotted with places connected to him, and it remains a significant pilgrimage site for many Catholics worldwide.

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