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Kaliningrad Trip Planner

Half Day Guided City Tour
Half Day Guided City Tour...
Full Day Private Tour to Amber Village
Full Day Private Tour to Amber Village...
Full Day Guided City Tour
Full Day Guided City Tour...

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Have you ever heard of European Russia? If not, let us introduce you to another destination worth visiting. The great city of Kaliningrad and its surroundings has ended up as a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania after the WWII. We highly recommend visiting the place as your time here would not only be filled with history lessons, but also with fascinating variety of attractions. Here you can expect to find lots of recreational areas and a great number of monuments all around. By the way. if you pass by the Fishing Village -a charming neighborhood of reconstructed old houses, we suggest you take a break for beer or coffee and just enjoy yourself.

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Kaliningrad is called by locals "Small Russia" and doubtless deserves this name. Located right between Poland and Lithuania, the city, and the created region, belong to Russia, being detached from the main borders. The history of the area started in 1255 when Kaliningrad was a part of Germany and called Konigsberg. Including features of Poland, Lithuania, Germany, and Russia, Kaliningrad is a valuable historical destination worth discovering and admiring. We've carefully created fully comprehensive itineraries to Russia and beyond to make your trip comfortable and unforgettable. You can expect top-notch services, included transportation, guided sightseeing tours with local experts, and centrally located hotels. If you have other envision of the trip and would like to get a custom program, please share your ideas with our experienced team - we will be happy to create the best program for you.

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