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Helsinki Trip Planner
Browse Helsinki's most popular tours and experiences. Plan a perfect trip to Helsinki
Half  Day Guided Walking Tour
Half Day Guided Walking Tour...
Entrance to the Rock Church
Entrance to the Rock Church...
Half Day City Tour with Private Transportation
Half Day City Tour with Private Transportation...
Full day Tour to Nuuksio & Porvoo
Full day Tour to Nuuksio & Porvoo...
Half Day Guided Tour to Suomenlinna
Half Day Guided Tour to Suomenlinna...
Half Day Modern Helsinki Tour
Half Day Modern Helsinki Tour...
Half Day Authentic Finland Tour
Half Day Authentic Finland Tour...
Full Day Trip to Tallinn
Full Day Trip to Tallinn...
Private Finnish Sauna Experience at Löyly
Private Finnish Sauna Experience at Löyly...
Half Day Private Food Walk
Half Day Private Food Walk...
Guided Walking Tour with National Museum & Vintti Workshop
Guided Walking Tour with National Museum & Vintti Workshop...
Suomenlinna fortress
Suomenlinna fortress...

Helsinki Trip Planner

Browse Helsinki's most popular tours and experiences. Plan a perfect trip to Helsinki

Plan a Trip to Helsinki

Create your Helsinki itinerary in minutes

Getting to the charming capital of Finland, Helsinki, you, first of all, find yourself in a dynamic cosmopolitan metropolis with a surprisingly relaxed and peaceful vibe, as if you are somewhere outdoors, and this is not by chance! Helsinki is primarily famed for its streamlined groundbreaking design that's harmoniously incorporated in the greenery of its spacious parks and gardens which cover one-third of the city’s territory. However, this seemingly reserved hub with Nordic character is suitable not only for serene strolls, it has a lot of surprises to win over your heart! To catch the flavor of Helsinki, visit the most recognized structure in the city, the imposing Helsinki Cathedral, followed by the bustling central Market Square and the unusual Rock Church. Being a city of contrasts, at night silent Helsinki transforms into a vibrant scene full of dining venues and cozy bars waiting to give you a warm welcome!

Helsinki Trips

Travel to Helsinki with an itinerary created by experts

It is time to cross Helsinki out of your travel bucket list and enjoy a marvelous Scandinavia vacation touring one of its bustling capitals. With plenty of things to see and do in the city, it is not easy to create the perfect Helsinki itinerary; however, there are some options to choose from that ensure an unforgettable Helsinki trip. The pre-planned trips provide not only comprehensive sightseeing tours with all the must-see locations and hidden gems of the city but stays at centrally-located hotels, airport transfers, and professional guides as well.

Scandinavian Capitals & Fjords with Helsinki

12 days|6 cities|Private tour template

Finland Northern Lights Adventure

6 days|4 cities|Private tour template

Great Winter Lapland

8 days|6 cities|Private tour template

Scandinavian Capitals & Fjords with Helsinki

12 days|6 cities|Small group tour

From Scandinavian to Baltic Capitals

17 days|9 cities|Small group tour

Scandinavian and Russian Capitals

16 days|8 cities|Private tour

Things to See in Helsinki

It is impossible to see half of all the wonderful sights of Helsinki in one trip, since there are so many things to do. Hence, let's begin with the most well-known ones. If you only have a few days to spend in Helsinki, here is a list of some amazing places to see:
  • Suomenlinna
  • Helsinki Cathedral
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
  • Ateneum
  • The National Museum of Finland
  • Helsinki's Market Square
  • Linnanmäki Amusement Park

Build Multi-Destination Trips From Helsinki

There are a lot of great day trips from Helsinki, but you can make your itinerary even better by adding some exciting destinations. Below is the list of the most popular cities, that can be visited before or after Helsinki:

Stockholm views
Stockholm views
Stockholm is a lush and captivating city that will quickly enchant you with its nature-filled parks, fashionable shopping districts and delicious food.
Zurich views
Zurich views
Zurich is a beautiful, captivating place with so many things to do for all ages.
St. Petersburg views
St. Petersburg views
With its beautifully decorated palaces, grand opera houses and ornate Orthodox churches, St. Petersburg is a place of great architectural beauty.

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F.A.Q About Helsinki Travel
Here is a brief guide that you might find helpful if you are traveling to Helsinki for the first time especially.
Why do people live in Helsinki?
A low crime rate, strong social rights, and a wide range of activities make Helsinki one of the most liveable cities in Europe....
Do they speak English in Finland?
The English language is spoken by most Finns....
Why is Finland the happiest country?
Finland came out very well here due to its low crime levels....
What are the main jobs in Finland?
Currently, the majority of Finnish workers work in the service sector....
What is Helsinki known for?
Helsinki delights travelers with its sea-facing landscape, diverse architecture, world-famous design, and Nordic cuisine. ...