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Gothenburg Trip Planner
Gothenburg's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Gothenburg
Half Day Guided City Tour
Half Day Guided City Tour...
Volvo Museum
Volvo Museum...
The Paddan Tour
The Paddan Tour...
Shrimp & Salmon Cruise in Gothenburg
Shrimp & Salmon Cruise in Gothenburg...
Archipelago Tour
Archipelago Tour...
Seafood Cruise
Seafood Cruise...
Universeum Science Centre
Universeum Science Centre...
The Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden...
Liseberg – Amusement Park
Liseberg – Amusement Park...
Gothenburg Museum of Art
Gothenburg Museum of Art...
Maritiman Ship Museum
Maritiman Ship Museum...

Gothenburg Trip Planner

Gothenburg's most important travel experiences and tour collections. Plan a Perfect Trip to Gothenburg

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Visiting Gothenburg? The Swedish gem is situated on the country’s west coast and will require at least two days of your journey to uncover its beauty. The important seaport is famous for its Dutch-style canals, beautiful green boulevards and world-class seafood. Start exploring the magnificent city by visiting Feskekorka (en. “Fish Church”) a large fish market built back in 1874 that boasts couple restaurant two. Then make your way to Gothenburg Art Museum where you can discover the stunning Nordic art with pieces by Picasso, Monet and many others.

Gothenburg Trips

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Get to experience life in Sweden to the fullest with a trip to Gothenburg with Triptile! Get creative and plan out your entire journey from the hotels you want to sleep in and landmarks that you want to visit to the transportation you want to get from A to B while our booking team at Triptile can take care of all your reservations and appointments. Start of your journey to Gothenburg with a thrilling ride at Liseberg Amusement Park that had 40 different rides to offer, escape from the city life for a moment and take a breath of fresh air at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden (Botaniska), and lastly, don't forget to explore the oldest neighborhood in Gothenburg named the Haga District where you will be surrounded by 17th-century architecture. Start planning your trip to Gothenburg with Triptile and take the opportunity to learn more Sweden.

Best of Sweden

Best of Sweden

10 days|5 cities|Private tour template

Trans-Scandinavian Rail Tour

Trans-Scandinavian Rail Tour

13 days|8 cities|Private tour template

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