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How to Get from Waterford to Dublin
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While exploring awe-inspiring Ireland, don't miss the chance to stop by Waterford, a charming seaport town fitted with lovely sights and fun activities. Dating back to 914 AD, the town has maintained its charm and authenticity that go hand in hand with its bustling culture, lively locals, and visitors from all over the world. In addition to landmarks and monuments, Waterford houses an abundance of delightful cafes, local restaurants, and unique pubs where you can unwind with a pint of beer or sample local specialties after actively sightseeing the area. Some highlights of sightseeing in Waterford include the Reginald's Tower, the House of Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre, and the Bishop's Palace. For some spectacular nature views, head out to the Copper Coast or visit Crotty's Rock in the Comeragh Mountains. Plenty of one-of-a-kind sights and fun pursuits await you in Waterford; therefore, start working on a Waterford itinerary now and make sure to have your camera ready for some mind-boggling views!...Read more
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2 h
Rating: 12 Travel time from Waterford: 2 h
The mysterious land of castles and leprechauns, wonderful Ireland is, indeed, the enigma you would like to discover! And you will definitely find no better place to start your journey than Dublin. The magnificent Irish capital ideally reflects the national character, embodied in the wonderful historic legacy and, above all, the genuine locals who radiate the undisguised pride of their country. Founded by the Vikings in the 9th century, Dublin primarily attracts visitors by its outstanding architectural ensemble imbued with the medieval spirit. Enjoy a peaceful walk around the inspiring winding streets, witness the grandeur of the Dublin Castle and the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, relax at the enormous Phoenix Park, and organize a museum-day as Dublin has a lot of venues for a deeper history immersion. One more distinctive Dublin feature, alongside the great legacy, is, of course, the traditional bustling Irish pubs, perfect for social interaction coupled with the famous Irish whiskey or beer degustations. Sounds like a great experience?...Read more

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Top Experiences in Waterford and Dublin

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