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How to Get from Barcelona to London
Rating: 12
Living, breathing and radiating the energetic Spanish temperament's positive vibe, unparalleled Barcelona is surely a place not to be missed in Europe! It is the best location on the planet to view Antoni Gaudi's architectural genius, including his precious unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia Basilica, as well as the splash of colors of Park Guell and the uniqueness of his Casa Batllo and Casa Mila. In fact, Barcelona is such a popular European destination that it's often mistakenly considered as Spain's capital! All doubts aside, there's much to see in this heart-stealing Catalan seaside gem as it finds a way to harmoniously blend the old and the new, the natural with the man-made. Get tangled in the narrow labyrinths of the Gothic Quarter, see the 13th-century Barcelona Cathedral, explore the former royal palace now housing Catalonia's finest art museum and Magic Fountain, enjoy the indescribable young atmosphere of La Rambla, stop by the bustling home of FC Barcelona, Camp Nou, and rise up to Mount Tibidabo to capture the best views over Barcelona to remember a lifetime!...Read more
Rating 10
2 h 18 min
LondonUnited Kingdom
Rating: 12 Travel time from Barcelona: 2 h 18 min
Perhaps the only word that can completely reflect the essence of good old London is diversity. The variety of cultures, mentalities, and lifestyles all turn London into a quaint blend of the old and the new, simply awing travelers from around the globe. The towers of urban business centers and red double-deckers bustling here and there harmoniously coexist with the 700-year-old Westminster Abbey and the iconic Big Ben that's gracefully set by the River Thames, altogether intertwining into one quite spectacular skyline! However, despite successfully keeping up with the times, lordly London proudly preserves its traditions and unique spirit. The solemn architecture of the Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, the imposing grandeur of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the strict geometry of the famed Hyde Park instantly resemble the honorary status of London as the capital of the state and the residence of the royal family. But don’t worry, London has something for everyone to fall in love with, and, be sure, this love will be mutual!...Read more

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