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Things to See in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city of many pleasures, and it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the options available on your first trip there. It may be worth concentrating solely on some favorite places rather than trying everything at once. We have prepared this list of the most popular sights as an introduction for those with only one or two days in St. Petersburg:
  • State Hermitage Museum
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Palace Square
  • Peterhof Palace
  • Eliseyev Emporium
  • Vasilyevsky Island
  • Nevsky Avenue

Build Multi-Destination Trips From St. Petersburg

As many wonders of the world as possible can be seen in one tour with this trip planner. Certainly, there are many options when it comes to day trips from St. Petersburg, but if you're looking to go further we can assist. These are the most popular cities in the world that can be easily added to your itinerary before or after St. Petersburg.

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Moscow views
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F.A.Q About St. Petersburg Travel

This brief St. Petersburg travel guide might be useful to you if you are visiting Russia's capital for the first time.
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