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Things to see in Moscow

Explore the best of the Russian capital by visiting the unmissable attractions of the city. Moscow attractions are world-famous and will make any trip to Russia unforgettable. Here are some of the most popular places to visit in Moscow:
  • The Moscow Kremlin
  • Saint Basil's Cathedral
  • The Red Squre
  • State Tretyakov Gallery
  • State Historical Museum
  • Moscow's Metro
  • GUM Department Store

Build Multi Destination Trips from Moscow

Our trip planner is the best way to build complex itineraries and discover more cities around the world on a single trip. Hence, if you are creating your Moscow itinerary from scratch, you might need some inspiration where to go next - we are ready to help. Here are our most popular destinations to add after or before Moscow.

Church of Savior in Saint Petersburg
Church of Savior in Saint Petersburg
A nothern capital of Russia is called the most European-like city for a reason.
Ulan Bator in Mongolia
Ulan Bator
The capital of authentic Mongolia brimming with unique experiences for you to enjoy..
Cathedral in Helsinki
Cathedral in Helsinki
Neighboring Finland's capital city Helsinki can be a great addition too.

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F.A.Q about Moscow Travel

Planning your first time trip to Moscow? Here's what you might need to know:
Is it safe to travel to Moscow?
Is Moscow an expensive place to visit?
What's the best time to plan a trip to Moscow?
How many days should I visit Moscow for?
Do locals speak English in Moscow?