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Catania Trip Planner

Entrance to the Greek Theatre
Entrance to the Greek Theatre...
Half Day Guided City Tour
Half Day Guided City Tour...
Private Cooking Class
Private Cooking Class...
Full Day Tour to Mount Etna and Wine Tasting
Full Day Tour to Mount Etna and Wine Tasting...
Half Day Private Food Walking Tour
Half Day Private Food Walking Tour...
Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia 1943
Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia 1943...
Cathedral of Saint Agatha
Cathedral of Saint Agatha...
Ursino Castle
Ursino Castle...
Elephant Fountain
Elephant Fountain...
Bellini Garden
Bellini Garden...
Monastery of San Nicolò l'Arena
Monastery of San Nicolò l'Arena...
Roman Amphitheater
Roman Amphitheater...

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Located at the foot of Mount Etna volcano, Catania is a beautiful Italian town. Apart from numerous hiking opportunities in the nature reserve, like rising to the volcano's crater, and splendid beaches, this town has many attractions worth seeing. As such, the Ursino Castle, the Basilica della Collegiata, the Teatro Massimo Bellini and the Catania Cathedral are among the main sights. What is more, the city is home to outstanding museums, including the Museo Diocesano and Museo Emilio Greco.

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