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Anchorage Trip Planner

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Anchorage Trip Planner

Anchorage Northern Lights Tour
Anchorage Northern Lights Tour...
Anchorage Trolley Tour
Anchorage Trolley Tour...
Wilderness, Wildlife & Glacier Experience Tour from Anchorage
Wilderness, Wildlife & Glacier Experience Tour from Anchorage...
Spencer Iceberg & Placer River Float Day Tour
Spencer Iceberg & Placer River Float Day Tour...
Anchorage City Tour
Anchorage City Tour...
Guided Chugach State Park Hiking Tour
Guided Chugach State Park Hiking Tour...
Prince William Sound Glacier & Wildlife Cruise
Prince William Sound Glacier & Wildlife Cruise...
Turnagain Arm Tour
Turnagain Arm Tour...
Matanuska Glacier Hike
Matanuska Glacier Hike...

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Among the northernmost cities on Earth, Anchorage is a place with big-city amenities: fine restaurants, museums, theaters, and an excellent music scene. Creating its backdrop are the salmon-rich waters of Cook Inlet and the 5,000-foot-plus peaks of Chugach State Park. Within a short drive from downtown are dozens of wilderness adventures, and a short plane ride opens up the possibility of almost any type of adventure. Anchorage’s residents embrace both the urban amenities and the wilderness beyond it. Urban and wild are Anchorage’s two defining elements; there is no need to choose one or the other since both are parts of life here. Anchorage is best known for the trails, wildlife, and glaciers, and is the state’s cultural soul as well. Public art fills the city with life-sized murals of bowhead whales and other Alaska marine life, a whole palette of galleries, showrooms, and artist workspaces. Anchorage is home to the state’s largest museum, as well as shops and restaurants, often serving double duty as gallery spaces. Brimming with fun pursuits and awe-inspiring views, Anchorage will undoubtedly leave you wanting to come back!

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