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Amsterdam Trip Planner

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Amsterdam Trip Planner

Half Day Walking Tour with Anne Frank Museum
Half Day Walking Tour with Anne Frank Museum...
Small Group Tour to Kröller-Müller & Hoge Veluwe National Park
Small Group Tour to Kröller-Müller & Hoge Veluwe National Park...
Small Group Tour to Rotterdam, Delft & Hague
Small Group Tour to Rotterdam, Delft & Hague...
Amsterdam Canals (Cruise Dinner)
Amsterdam Canals (Cruise Dinner)...
Amsterdam Highlights Cruise
Amsterdam Highlights Cruise...
Day Trip to the Southern Regions of Netherlands
Day Trip to the Southern Regions of Netherlands...
Half Day Tour of Van Gogh Museum
Half Day Tour of Van Gogh Museum...
Half Day Tour of Rijksmuseum
Half Day Tour of Rijksmuseum...
Amsterdam Architecture Tour & Canal Cruise
Amsterdam Architecture Tour & Canal Cruise...
Hague Modern Architecture Landmarks
Hague Modern Architecture Landmarks...
Full-day Tour to Giethoorn with Boat Cruise
Full-day Tour to Giethoorn with Boat Cruise...
Group Visit to Tulip Nursery & Flowers Workshop
Group Visit to Tulip Nursery & Flowers Workshop...

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Have you been thinking about Amsterdam lately? This city is known for its canals, beautiful gardens and museums, including the Anne Frank House. Don't miss out on a chance to pay a visit to the the famous Kaukenhof Gardens!

Amsterdam Trips

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Feel inspired to discover the magical Netherlands and see this unique country in full bloom? Then, check out our list of top Amsterdam itineraries carefully created by professional destination specialists. All mentioned programs come with high-class accommodation options, logical connections, and saturated sightseeing itineraries covering the most popular places to visit in Amsterdam. If you would like to spice up your tour by adding another fascinating activity or extra destination, you can do it in a few clicks via Amsterdam Trip Planner.

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Things to see in Amsterdam

Boasting a significant number of unmissable sights, the beating heart of the Netherlands won't leave anyone indifferent. For your convenience, below we compiled some of the best Amsterdam attractions worth to be checked during your trip.
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • De Oude Kerk
  • Vondelpark
  • Anne Frank House
  • Amsterdam Canal Ring
  • Rembrandt House Museum

Build Multi-Destination Trips from Amsterdam

Suppose you are thinking about arranging a day trip from Amsterdam or even building your own route. In that case, it may be challenging to decide which destination should be added first to your itinerary. To help you a bit during the trip planning, we collected some of the most popular extensions to Amsterdam tours.

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam, Netherlands
The province in the Netherlands with futuristic architecture and large port.
Hague, Netherlands
Hague, Netherlands
Popular sea resort in Nethrelads also called the "City of Peace and Justice".
Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
The many-sided heart of Belgium and European Union.

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F.A.Q about Amsterdam Travel
Planning your first time trip to Amsterdam? Here's what you might need to know:
Is it safe to travel to Amsterdam?
Even though Amsterdam is noted for its super welcoming atmosphere and open-minded people, there are some safety considerations to keep in mind. When traveling abroad it’s always advisable to keep guarding your belongings to avoid any unpleasant situations and remain alert to petty crime. Thus make sure to mind your valuable items extra carefully in crowded places like train stations, public transport, bars, and restaurants.... Read more
Is Amsterdam an expensive place to visit?
Compared to most European countries, Netherlands can be quite expensive. So that you can better understand the price level in Amsterdam, here are a few quick examples. When spending a cozy evening at a local bar with your friends, you can have a beer for 5-6 Euros, wine 4-5 Euros, and coffee for 2,5 - 4. Speaking of Amsterdam transportation prices, a 1-hour tram, bus, or metro ticket will cost you about 3 Euros, and for a 3-kilometer (1,8 mi) taxi ride driver will ask you to pay about 9-10 Euros.... Read more
What's the best time to plan a trip to Amsterdam?
Visiting Amsterdam is always a good idea, but if you want to catch the sunniest days, think about coming here from May to October. The most popular time among tourists is in summer and, of course, the tulip season when the entire city is colored with countless shades of red, yellow, purple, and pink. The blooming period in the Netherlands lasts from March to May.... Read more
How many days should I visit Amsterdam for?
Experienced tourists believe that 3-5 days is enough to explore the most remarkable Amsterdam attractions. In case you would like to go beyond and discover non-central parts of the town or even add a few day-trips, think about spending about 7-10 days in the city.... Read more
Do locals speak English in Amsterdam?
Since Amsterdam welcomes about 20 million tourists annually, the majority of locals are absolutely okay when it comes to using English. According to statistics, about 93% of Netherlands citizens speak English, so the chance of being misunderstood is relatively low.... Read more