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Alesund Trip Planner

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Alesund Trip Planner

Private Walking Tour in Alesund
Private Walking Tour in Alesund...
Small Group Wildlife Sea Safari
Small Group Wildlife Sea Safari...
Aalesunds Museum
Aalesunds Museum...
Sea Kayaking
Sea Kayaking...
Kayak & Hike in Alesund
Kayak & Hike in Alesund...
Hike to Storhornet on Godøya
Hike to Storhornet on Godøya...
Art Nouveau City Bike in Alesund Group Tour
Art Nouveau City Bike in Alesund Group Tour...
E-bike & Hike in Alesund
E-bike & Hike in Alesund...
Winter Kayaking in Alesund
Winter Kayaking in Alesund...
Fjord Cruise Alesund - Geiranger
Fjord Cruise Alesund - Geiranger...
Alesund from Fjords to Trolls
Alesund from Fjords to Trolls...

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Another must-visit town in Norway tucked away between breathtaking fjords - Alesund. The Adventure Capital of Fjords is spread over several islands nearby the Sunnmore Mountains - making it the perfect place for Scandinavian scenery. The town is quite young as it was rebuilt after the great fire of Alesund that happened in 1904. A little gem of Norway boasts quite a few landmarks that you should visit, including the Alesund Church, the Alesund Park and the Town Hall alongside many other beautiful sights of the city.

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