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Agrigento Trip Planner

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Agrigento Trip Planner

Half Day Tour to Valley of Temples and Turchi Cliffs
Half Day Tour to Valley of Temples and Turchi Cliffs...
Day Trip to Ragusa and Modica
Day Trip to Ragusa and Modica...
Half Day Tour to Valley of Temples and City Tour of Agrigento
Half Day Tour to Valley of Temples and City Tour of Agrigento...
Half Day Private Coastal Tour
Half Day Private Coastal Tour...
Tour at Villa Romana del Casale
Tour at Villa Romana del Casale...
Half Day Tour in the Valley of Temples
Half Day Tour in the Valley of Temples...
Half-Day Favara Walking City Tour
Half-Day Favara Walking City Tour...
Full Day Valley of Temples, Agrigento & Turchi Cliffs Tour
Full Day Valley of Temples, Agrigento & Turchi Cliffs Tour...
Cooking Class with Dinner
Cooking Class with Dinner...
Lunch in a Local Restaurant
Lunch in a Local Restaurant...
Valley of the Temples
Valley of the Temples...
Monastery of Santo Spirito
Monastery of Santo Spirito...

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A mere mention of captivating Agrigento inspires and summons the images of the warm Italian sea embracing the shores and colorful houses lining the winding Sicilian streets. However, Agrigento is not a simple resort with wonderful beaches, top-notch hotels, countless trattorias, and cozy bars, it's more about the glorious ancient history incorporated in the exceptional natural surroundings. The main reason why people add Agrigento to their travel map is the desire to touch the living history, enshrined in the historic UNESCO-listed Valley of the Temples, one of the best examples of Doric-style Greek architecture. In case you prefer getting inspiration from nature, it is highly recommended to take a trip to the Scala dei Turchi cliffs, a spectacular natural formation with an unusual form of a white staircase. The charms of Agrigento are, indeed, catching, considering the fact that it is the oldest hub on the territory of Sicily which just can't leave anyone indifferent!

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Are you dreaming of visiting Agrigento? Traveling to your dream city is always breathtaking. However, planning an elaborate itinerary might be challenging. Browse the most popular Agrigento tours, choose the one you like the most, and enjoy a trip to Agrigento without any worries. And if you want to add more activities or sights to your Agrigento itinerary, do not hesitate to contact our destination specialist. Start planning your marvelous trip to Agrigento now!

Classic Sicily Small group tour

Classic Sicily

7 days|4 cities|Small group tour

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