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Abisko Trip Planner

Aurora Sky Station Visit & Northern Lights Hunting Group Tour
Aurora Sky Station Visit & Northern Lights Hunting Group Tour...
Reindeer Sleigh Ride Group Tour
Reindeer Sleigh Ride Group Tour...
Guided Group Tour of a Sami Camp
Guided Group Tour of a Sami Camp...
Exclusive Dinner at Aurora Sky Station
Exclusive Dinner at Aurora Sky Station...
Train to Kiruna (2 class)
Train to Kiruna (2 class)...

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Traveling to Abisko? A small village, north of the Arctic Circle offers perfect Swedish scenery. Spend at least two days exploring the area and make sure to visit the top tourist attractions like Abisko National Park, which was established over hundred years ago and offers its visitors an opportunity to enjoy hiking and winter sports activities as well as watching Northern Lights. Don’t miss a chance to see another nature’s wonder - Silverfallet - a waterfall which offers great views of the nearby Tornetrask Lake. 

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Of the most spectacular highlight in Finnland is Abisko with its 75-sq-km National Park, which is one of the most exciting places to visit for many tourists from all over the world. Exactly there is located the famous U-shaped valley, which counts as the gate to Lappland - Lapporten. However, even if this is one of the most popular highlights of the region, Abisko National Park remains a remote destination and has a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Using one of our carefully prepared templates to Finnland, you have the chance to explore the area with professional guides and drivers, as well as visit other cities to have a fully comprehensive experience. If you have any particular envision of your travel and know places you would like to see or activities you would enjoy more, just let us know. Our experienced Destination Specialist will create a fully custom itinerary based only on your wishes and interests.

Swedish Winter Wonderland Private tour template

Swedish Winter Wonderland

8 days|4 cities|Private tour template

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